A Malaysian actress publicly criticized BlackPink for wearing too short clothes at the concert

Many fans claimed that Abby Abadi’s statement could affect Black Pink’s later activities in Malaysia.

On February 23 and 24, Black Pink held its own concert in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The concert of YG girl group has ended successfully and received a lot of positive reactions from fans. However, after the concert ended, an unfortunate incident broke out when Black Pink’s performance was met with criticism from a local actress.

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Abby Abadi is a former member of Malaysia’s girl group Elite. Currently, she is working as an actress. Abby Abadi recently shared a clip of Instagram during Black Pink’s concert in Malaysia, with serious criticisms aimed at the group’s costumes. Not only did she compare the concert to Selena Gomez’s concert in 2016, but the Malaysian actress also expressed her surprise when there was no protest for Black Pink.

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Abby Abadi wrote: “Why does no one have any objection to Black Pink? They just held a concert in Malaysia and their dresses are too short. What can Black Pink do after all?”

Immediately, Abby Abadi’s post sparked a wave of fierce controversy from netizens, especially the Kpop fan community. Lots of fans felt extremely uncomfortable and angry at the actress’ statement because it was too old-fashioned and could seriously affect Black Pink’s later activities as well as other Kpop idols’ operating in Malaysia.

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In fact, after the concert ended, many Malaysian fans were excited to expect Black Pink to return to perform in their country soon. But Abby Abadi’s harsh comments have made fans worry that Black Pink may never return. And more importantly, other Kpop idol groups, even international artists in general, will probably become more cautious in choosing Malaysia as a destination for their concerts in the future.

Still, there are many who voiced their support for Abby Abadi and argued that she was only protecting traditional customs and the principles of fine traditions that had existed for a long time in Malaysia. Even more, many opinions also confirmed that this is Black Pink’s fault when they didn’t follow the rules of “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” and let native speakers speak up.

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More remarkably, this is not the first time Black Pink has problems with clothing when operating in Southeast Asian countries. Not long ago, a large number of Indonesians voiced to ask for the government’s request to remove Black Pink’s ad for Shopee, even calling for a boycott of their concert in the country for a similar reason. The reason given by the Indonesian people at that time was because the clothes that YG girls wore in Shopee commercials “were not suitable with traditions and were too revealing”. In just about 3 days, the protest petition created by an Indonesian woman attracted more than 100,000 signatures.

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In the face of fierce protests from the people, the Indonesian Broadcasting Commission must quickly ask the country’s 11 major television stations to halt and stop broadcasting the Shopee commercial with the appearance of Black Pink. Even the government also announced that it would severely punish any TV station that dared to broadcast the Black Pink Shopee commercial after the ban was issued.

Currently, the actress Abby Abadi has changed her Instagram into private mode after being violently attacked by Black Pink fans. However, her statement is still a hot topic on the Internet and netizens everywhere are coming with a lot of conflicting opinions.

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