A look into the expensive houses of BLACKPINK’s Jennie and Lisa where they live like princesses

Looking at the luxurious life of the two BLACKPINK members, fans can’t help but admire and get a bit jealous.

As the two most famous members of BLACKPINK, needless to say, Jennie and Lisa own a huge fortune. The rare looks into their own sumptuous houses shared by the two YG female idols have both surprised and made netizens jealous.

Jennie lives in a house that costs around 5.5 billion to 6.5 billion won 

It is a well-known fact that Jennie comes from a wealthy family background. Currently, the female idol is enjoying a lavish life at her own house. Based on research, netizens have found out that Jennie’s two-story house is ​​450m2 with 4 bedrooms, worth about 5.5 – 6.5 billion won and is located in Hannam-dong, a residential area of ​​rich people in Seoul, Korea. The inside of the house is decorated by the “Human Chanel” with many luxurious and classy interior pieces.

The stairs in her house are Jennie’s favorite angle to take photos 

In a vlog filmed at home, Jennie showed off many corners of her house. Fans then quickly spotted the luxury decorations used by the female idol. The cloud lamp and speaker costs around $3000, the sofa set costs over $10,000, the lowest bed is almost $30,000. The huge Christmas tree that Jennie installed in her house for the holiday also costs about $6150.

Jennie’s luxurious “king size” bed.
The expensive mirror that many girls dream to have
The space where Jennie uses to comfortably compose and practice
Every corner of the house is decorated like a princess’ castle
A 3m high Christmas tree that costs around $6150 was installed in Jennie’s house during the holiday 

Lisa has her own studio at home

Similar to Jennie, Lisa also got herself a luxurious house in Seoul, Korea. Lisa’s own house impresses with its large, convenient space and minimalist interior design. In particular, the “Thai princess” reserves a separate space in a room for her own photo studio, where she can unleash her creativity.

Although she does not often cook at home, the kitchen utensils are fully equipped by Lisa
The studio was set up by the BLACKPINK’s maknae to satisfy her creativity

Lisa also has an additional room in the house to display photo books and fan gifts. Of course, she has another room dedicated to her adorable pets. Fans have found the prices of some items inside Lisa’s home such as a chair that costs around $1500, a TV that is about $35,000, a fireplace that costs about $300, or a mirror that is almost $12,000,…

Lisa has a special space to display fans’ gifts.
Lisa’s room for the pets
She once surprised netizens when she spent $12,000 on a mirror.
Each chair in the picture costs around $1500

As members of the most famous Kpop girl group today and global ambassadors of many high-end brands in the world, it is not difficult to understand that BLACKPINK members are all rich and living luxurious lives. Many fans think that BLACKPINK members’ net worth will only increase in the future because the girls are currently at the peak of their careers.

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