A-list star Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted at the same hotel in Paris with his 27-year-old girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio (47) and model Gigi Hadid (27) were spotted at the same hotel in Paris, France.

According to a report by TMZ on the 30th (local time) of last month, DiCaprio and Hadid, who are known to have just started dating, spent time together abroad. The two stars were spotted at the same famous hotel in Paris.

Reportedly, Hadid smiled as she headed to the Hotel Royal Monceau after a long day at Paris Fashion Week. Hadid is currently on stage as a model at Fashion Week in Paris.

About three hours later, DiCaprio was spotted leaving the Royal Monceau at around 1:00 AM. After a while, Han Hadid followed in his footsteps.

The Page Six site said, “Although the pair have been “taking it slow,” it appears the 47-year-old has joined Hadid for their first trip together while she works abroad.”

They are fully seeing each other,” a source told Entertainment Tonight. An acquaintance of DiCaprio even pointed out that “Leo is not the style to meet multiple women at the same time,” and that he focuses on one woman he meets.

On the other hand, last month, the Page Six site caught the two affectionately touching each other at a party in New York, USA.

The two had known each other for many years but were caught up in dating rumors when they were spotted hanging out together at The Ned in July.

And last month, it was announced that DiCaprio had broken up with his longtime girlfriend, model and actress Camila Morrone. In particular, they broke up as soon as Camila Morrone turned 25, which seems to confirm the rumor that ‘DiCaprio only dates women under 25’, and criticisms have been raised. However, his current girlfriend – Hadid is 27 and is the mother of a two-year-old daughter. 

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