A “leaked” teaser surprised fans: is a collab between BLACKPINK & Ariana Grande really happening?

This teaser is causing BLACKPINK fans all over the world to be confused, what is going on?

 Recently, BLACKPINK fans all over the world were surprised when a teaser for the new single of 4 girls was suddenly uploaded on YouTube. This teaser even revealed the new song’s full title which is abbreviated FFF as rumored, and the featured artist is none other than the “little diva” Ariana Grande!

 What’s going on?

 This teaser video is only 27 seconds long, but contains enough information to drive fans crazy!  The font that the video uses is very similar to the one that appeared on the teaser poster YG uploaded a few weeks ago, making the teaser more convincing…

First, a shadow appeared, unmistakably, that ponytail must be Ariana Grande. After that, the title of the song gradually showed up: “Faking For Fun”.
Then 2 names were seen on the screen: Ariana Grande and BLACKPINK, so this collab is really happening?

 Combining the “proofs” and “hints” given by the two sides over the past several months, many BLINKs have been unable to keep calm.  Ariana Grande having a collab with BLACKPINK is an almost certain thing when YG Entertainment followed the Twitter account of Ariana’s agency, Ariana herself also pressed like on an Instagram post of Jennie.

Besides, the song’s titled “Faking For Fun” is even more reasonable, because previously fans had discovered that on YG website, BLACKPINK’s agency has accidentally revealed the abbreviation of the girls’ upcoming song: 3F, which perfectly fits “Faking For Fun”.

Wait, there seems to be something wrong here as there is still another message in the video…

At this point, the viewers suddenly felt that something was wrong, and they ended up seeing the word “Clown” with a funny song playing in the background, if you listen carefully the music sounds exactly like what is often played at the… circus.

 Yes, we have all been “clowned” by the video’s owner!  There is no BLACKPINK teaser, the next collaboration project of 4 girls has yet to be announced, whether Ariana Grande will be featured or not… is still unsure.  It seems that these fans have been too impatient and excited about BLACKPINK’s new release, so they couldn’t help but make videos like this. The song being called “Faking For Fun” already sounded wrong since the start but some BLINKs still got “tricked” because they’re already so tired of waiting.

 Under the comment section, the viewers said they almost had a… heart attack, many people thought this was real and almost went nuts! Well, let’s take this as a rehearsal while waiting for BLACKPINK’s official comeback in August!

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