A Korean survival drama is accused of plagiarizing a Japanese film, is the director’s response convincing?

Squid Game – the viral Korean survival series is currently under accusation of plagiarism.

On September 17, Squid Game, a Korean survival series, was released on Netflix. With a huge budget and a famous cast including Lee Jung Jae, Gong Yoo,… viewers can’t help but look forward to the deadly survival game rarely seen in Korean dramas. However, the movie is now under accusation of plagiarising different Japanese productions of the same genre.

Netflix hit Squid Game is being “accused” of plagiarism by netizens

Many netizens pointed out that Squid Game has many similarities with As The Gods Will – a blockbuster that was released in 2014. Specifically, the first game of both films are 90% similar in terms of rules and punishments for players. Both the Korean game Mugunghwa Flower Has Bloomed and the Japanese game of Daruma dolls have a rule: the seeker will face the wall, then suddenly turn around to catch any contestant that moves. Those caught moving will be killed instantly. In Squid Game, they get shot while in As The Gods Will, they have their heads exploded.

The huge doll that will kill anyone who moves in Squid Game
In As The Gods Will, a red Daruma doll is in charge of the same role
In the Japanese version, the male lead is the game’s only survivor

Right from the release of the teaser, the movie director – Hwang Dong Hyuk affirmed that the game is “the only random similarity”. He also frankly shared that he did not plagiarize anyone, and the script was created in 2009. Many netizens, however, disagree and believe that “the Korean ver” of As The God Will is still a “mixed hot pot” of material from other survival films. Another game, in which participants jump on glass tiles, is also said to be similar to a game in the manga version of As The Gods Will.

Squid Game’s extremely terrifying glass jump game
The game “what time” requires players to think carefully, step on “safe” boards to reach the destination in As The Gods Will
Squid Game also has some rules, rounds, and endings quite similar to the Japanese series Liar Game

Squid Game had stiff competition when it was released on the same day as Sex Education 3. With numerous plagiarism details exposed by Japanese fans and survival manga fans in general, the film is quickly losing audience interest, while just being available for 24 hours.

The whole series of Squid Game was launched on September 17, 2021.

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