A Korean government agency had to apologize for leaving a mocking comment under a Kpop MV

A rare incident has just happened that has quickly become the topic of discussion for Korean public as well as many Kpop fans. Specifically, on May 1, many viewers discovered that the official YouTube channel of the Korean Government Organization for Statistics (KOSTAT for short) unexpectedly left a “cheeky” comment under the MV “GANG” by male singer Bi Rain.

In the comment section of this MV released in 2017, KOSTAT wrote:

 ” We are here today to calculate the daily gang statistics. On May 1, 2020, 10:00 AM KST, the “RAIN – GANG Official M/V” clip has 6,859,592 views — at 39.831 UBD.” 

Although KOSTAT’s comments may seem harmless at first glance and have no problems, fans later pointed out important details about the meaning of mocking Bi Rain in this comment.

K-Pop fans explained that the unit “UBD” used in this comment actually stands for Um Bok Dong, RAIN’s character from the K-Movie Race to Freedom: Um Bok Dong.

Shortly after the comment went viral, K-Pop fans criticized KOSTAT for “mocking a citizen it should be serving as an official government organization.” Fans claimed that “KOSTAT really crossed the line with the comment” and demanded that it apologizes for being “unprofessional” in the least.

In response to a wave of criticism from the Korean online community, on May 4, KOSTAT’s YouTube channel posted an apology on their community page, explaining that the previous comment “did not intend to be negative in any way.”.

This is KOSTAT YouTube channel’s administrator. I would like to share my apology. I’m sorry for leaving a careless comment under RAIN’s music video. I believed it would be a friendly approach to communicate with the Korean citizens. I’m sorry for using the UBD unit to talk about the high view count. I did not intend the comment to be negative in any way, but regardless, I apologize for being inconsiderate and inappropriate. I became too focused on trying to communicate with the citizens that I crossed the line with the comment. I promise to do a better job at understanding what the citizens want and how to communicate with them. Again, I am sincerely sorry for the controversy.

However, KOSTAT’s apology still doesn’t please the Korean online community. Many netizens are angry that this is only a half hearted and bogus apology, even asking to fire KOSTAT’s YouTube channel manager for what happened.

Sources: tinnhac

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