A Korean ghost story show was criticized for being too scary, less humane, and evoking a series of tragic events

Scary, heartbreaking events in Korea were suddenly brought up as a topic of discussion on TV shows, making the audience feel uncomfortable.

Recently, MBC’s program “Late Night Ghost Talk” caused controversy when it mentioned real heartbreaking cases in Korean history, typically the murder case in Songpa-gu, Seoul in 1990. It is known that the wife killed her son and husband after he was constantly suspected of paternity, then the woman chose to commit suicide in the bedroom.

As soon as it was aired, a series of articles were published to criticize this episode of Late Night Ghost Talk, saying: “It’s too creepy” and “Not respecting the bereaved family”.

Previously, the program also faced criticism when it came to the fire accident at the Sealand Youth Training Center. At that time, a police officer in charge of guarding the abandoned building repeatedly heard the sounds of children crying. However, this is a very heartbreaking fire that has claimed the lives of many preschool children, so the audience considers it inappropriate to discuss.

Currently, the program “Late Night Ghost Talk” is receiving a lot of attention and has a stable audience, but viewers are constantly responding that the production team should not include too many real events in a ghost storytelling show.

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