A Korean actress almost got a facial burn because of the director, but was fortunately saved by Kim Hee Sun

Actress Jung Da Hye revealed how she was forced to act in a dangerous scene that almost caused her to get a facial burn. This story is now being spread widely by netizens.

If you’re interested in Korean dramas, you must have seen the classic “pasta slap” scene in the drama Woman Of Dignity. Specifically in this scene, the mistress got into an argument with the wife and her friends, resulting in the wife tossing a plate of hot pasta on the other woman’s face. The scene looks absolutely miserable and painful. Due to the character’s unique “weapon”, this “pasta slap” scene is extremely viral on the Internet. Even without watching the drama, many viewers have probably seen this particular scene. Recently, actress Jung Da Hye – who played the “victim” of the pasta slap, recalled her experiences while filming this scene.

Jung Da Hye

Specifically, she revealed that the pasta slap scene was actually much more dangerous than what the audience saw on television. Jung Da Hye emphasized that the Woman Of Dignity director initially insisted that everything be done according to the script, which meant that the pasta had to be hot, steamy, and freshly served.

“The script specifically said that I had to be slapped by hot pasta and the director was quite adamant on following exactly what was written” – the actress shared about the drama’s props.

Jung Da Hye then thanked her co-star Kim Hee Sun for saving her from a possible facial burn. Because it was Kim Hee Sun who resolutely stood up against the director and made sure that the pasta had been cooled down before being used in the scene.

“Kim Hee Sun unnie told the director that I make a living off my face and saved me from having hot pasta tossed onto my face. She made sure they cooled down the pasta that was used to shoot the scene.” – Da Hye recounted.  However, because the slap was still painful anyway, this scene has mentally traumatized Da Hye to the point that she couldn’t eat pasta with alfredo sauce until now.

Kim Hee Sun

After listening to what Jung Da Hye shared, in addition to praising Kim Hee Sun for her willingness to step up against the director and protect her colleagues, many viewers also expressed their anger at the director of Woman Of Dignity for insisting on such a dangerous and cruel decision.

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