A Japanese baseball player caused controversies for having an appearance that resembles much of BTS V’s

Do they really look the same?

BTS V is one of the handsome celebrities whose visual are highly appreciated. His name always appears on top of the charts related to appearance. In particular, he ranked 1st on the TOP 100 most handsome faces in 2021 held by The Special Awards, BESTTOPPERS, The Bulletin Times, etc.

Recently, netizens have raised discussions about an athlete whose face looks similar to V. He’s Dai Yuasa, a Japanese baseball player who is currently played for the Yomiuri Giants. In the past few days, he has attracted great attention on the Internet. Many people think this guy resembles V so much. Especially when looking at some pictures, Dai Yuasa‘s eyes look exactly like V‘s.

bts v
bts v
bts v

In a video that has been spread widely on the Internet, we can easily recognize Dai Yuasa‘s face and many people gave compliments for his side profile. Moreover, compared to his selfie photos, he looks much younger in the video.

As a result, this topic received mixed opinions. Some people think two of them look alike:

– They look so much alike as if he is V’s cousin, right?

– His eyes look similar to V’s!

– The way he smiles also reminds me of V

– Both of them have the same facial expressions

– Yes, I think they look alike

– This is interesting; they gave me the exact same feeling when I look at them. Doesn’t Dai Yuasa look like V’s brother?

Meanwhile, many people expressed opposite comments:

– I know why people compare them, but I think they look completely different

– He’s handsome, but he’s not V

– He may look a little similar to V in those photos but not in the video.

 – They do not look the same

– They are absolutely different

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