A idols is criticized for ridiculous jokes of many weird postures and catwalk moves in music shows

Mijoo (Lovelyz) is receiving many criticism after the articles about her having too much fun in front of the media were uploaded

In recent promotion, Mijoo (Lovelyz) has gained a lot of attention thanks to her “crazy – unique” personalities. On the way to rehearsals for music shows, the female idols fearlessly showed off her catwalk skills, exciting all the fans. Therefore, because she wanted to please her fans, Mijoo gave out her random performances every time she turned up. However, many netizens started to harshly criticize her and said that she exaggerated too much. Even more, some netizens claimed that her jokes were cheap, she did anything just because she wanted to appear on newspaper
1. Lovelyz, for a brief moment, shined brightly enough to compete with the likes of Twice, Red Velvet, Black Pink, and Girlfriend… but they’re not getting anywhere further anymore. I think they lost their timing… I guess they have to resort to fan service like this now to stay relevant…
2. She’s gotta do this to get one more headline in the news and her name out there
3. Excessive..
4. It was only fun the first couple times, now it’s just… tsk tsk~~
5. Hul… she looks so cheap though…
6. I’d understand if she was doing this as a rookie… but it feels so desperate for a girl group member of 5 years to be acting like this…
7. Seems they’re destined for Rainbow’s fate..
8. This is slowly getting to be excessive ㅋ
9. She honestly seems too obsessed with putting on these shows before going in to music shows. Just way too much going on, too much attention on herself ㅠㅠ
10. The member next to her never sings and isn’t even a visual but she’s been coasting along this whole time. How did she even debut?
11. Too bad they’re getting owned by freshly debuted rookies now…
12. They’re basically the second Rainbow. They’re going down the same path. Rainbow only had ‘A’ as their hit track a year into their debut but never cemented anything. Lovelyz had ‘Ah Choo’ a year into their debut but never had another hit either. Coincidence that both groups debuted in the fall as 7 members too?..

Sources: netizenbuzz

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