A heated debate over the iKON members’ publicly mentioning their ex-member

Many see this as a rash action amid B.I’s drug scandal while others only see this as proof of their close friendship.

Yesterday, Oct 22nd, was B.I 24th birthday (Korean age). Fans from all around the world have trended the hashtag to celebrate the iKON ex-leader’s birthday on SNS. However, attention is more on the reaction of B.I’s old teammates.

Bobby has uploaded on his personal Instagram an old video of B.I performing the song “Love Scenario”. Attached under the video is a caption saying: “I miss you. Happy birthday”.

Another member of iKON, Donghyuk, also uploaded on his Instagram Story a photo of the flower Sagittaria Trifolia, which is the representative flower of B.I’s birthdate (Oct 22nd). This flower, in the flower language, stands for “trust”.

B.I has left iKON and terminated his contract with YG Entertainment in June this year after a drug scandal from 3 years ago was exposed. This is why seeing iKON’s members publicly missing and wishing B.I a happy birthday is meaningful to their fans.

However, the members’ action is currently the topic of a heated debate among Korean netizens. On one hand, many see this as the proof of the iKON members’ close relationship: “What’s so wrong with congratulating his birthday? He used to be their member~~ Not like he’s on TV anymore… mind your own business…”; “I think it’s understandable that they’d do that, especially since they were all close”; “So they’re not allowed to say they miss him anymore? We can give them that much, can’t we?”; “I get that he committed a crime but it doesn’t make it wrong for his friends to wish him a happy birthday. Stop with the hate. They wrote all this on their own SNS accounts so what right do any of you have to judge them for it?”.

On the other hand, many are judging that this is a rash action of iKON members when B.I’s scandal still hasn’t been solved. They are worried that publicly showing their close relationship with B.I will only worsen their public image: “It’s not like that member is in reflection over something positive, what reason is there for them to be bringing attention to something that doesn’t need it by writing public congratulatory posts? They can congratulate him in private, why make it so emotional by making it public and acting like they’re some sad movie character of tragic injustice. That’s what people are finding issue with… keeping all of this quiet would be better for both parties.”; “Birds of a feather flock together”; “Tired of seeing criminals”; “They could’ve just Katalked him”;  “These guys can never get in the news for anything on their own without BI”; “Why so thoughtless? Just stay quiet and congratulate him in private, why go public with it?”

Source: tinnhac

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