(G)I-DLE Soo Jin’s face is blurred because of the bullying scandal in the past

Soo Jin has just become a model for a cosmetics brand, but the scandal breaking out has caused her face to be removed from all forms of promotions.

 Soo Jin of the girl group (G)I-DLE was said to have just replaced Lee Na Eun (April) as the new face of Peripera.  On January 20, promotional photos of Soo Jin appeared at the brand’s stores.  This is the first solo contract in the career of the pretty female idol from Cube.

 However, in just one day, the image of the female idol at some Peripera stores was obscured when the controversy of bullying in her past broke out. Notably, Peripera has never officially announced Soo Jin’s position with the brand , but the scandal occurred that many people believe that the (G)I-DLE member will lose the expensive contract.

 Netizen said that the brand acted quickly because Peripera’s customers are mostly students. It is hard to accept that brand reps have a bullying controversy.  It is possible that Soo Jin will be withdrawn from the contract as a representative right from the time it is not officially announced.

 Some comments: “Poor the brand and their staff”, “Soo Jin’s career is in danger”, “Peripera is also a brand with a lot of students as their customers. This is no joke”,” I prefer Na Eun as the representative model “….

 After Cube released a statement denying Soo Jin was a bully, fans have been claiming that their idol is being unfairly accused without clear evidence.

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