A ‘frightening’ testimony from a lucky girl who once declined to meet Kris Wu

Recently, a girl shared the story of how she refused to meet Kris Wu.

Wu Yifan‘s controversy is widely regarded as one of the most severe in China’s and Asia’s entertainment industries in recent times. Kris Wu is now arrested by the authorities.

kris wu wu yifan

On August 17, the 163 site reported that a girl named Lin Qing agreed to cooperate with the police in investigating the Kris Wu case. She said that in May 2020, the singer’s assistant contacted her to invite her to participate in a music video of the male singer. However, the assistant sometimes asked her non-work-related questions such as: “Do you have a lover” “What zodiac sign do you belong to,” “How was your first love?”… These questions made Lin Qing suspect that she was deceived.

The assistant gave Lin Qing a video of Kris Wu to reassure her. The male singer also called her directly, saying: “It’s me, it’s me.” At that time, Lin Qing thought Wu Yifan was looking for a trustworthy person to collaborate with. 

kris wu wu yifan

Lin Qing once broke down, excited, feeling that she was the chosen one to become the character in the idol’s MV. After making friends with Kris Wu through Weixin (messaging app), she was invited by the singer to his place of work, to his home, to go on a business trip with him. Lin Qing refused because Kris’s appointment time was usually late at night, early in the morning. “I feel that he is murky and shady; the famous star does not talk to an ordinary person like that,” she said. After that, she told the story to the teacher who taught her art subjects for the university entrance exam. After being consulted by him, she refused to meet her idol.

Lin Qing later said that “inviting to participate in an MV” was a trick to seduce the girls of Kris Wu. She feels fortunate to have avoided trouble, influence on her private life, and honor.

Kris Wu’s share above made Cnet shudder. It can be said that the way Kris Wu seduced girls was very methodical, making everyone afraid.


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