A former YG trainee shared “If your class got canceled that day, it means you got disqualified…got kicked out because my image didn’t fit”

In “Hesitation Before Going to School”, Trainee Kim Hyun-hee recalled the difficult memories after she quit her trainee career.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, a psychiatrist, first met with her 83 “daughters” on the 1st episode of the prequel show “Hesitation Before Going to School” of MBC’s new survival show “My Teenage Girl”, aired on Oct 31st.

A former YG trainee: “If your class got canceled that day, it means you got kicked out because my image didn’t fit”

Oh Eun-young, who met with the girls of the third-grade rap class, said, “I’ve been told that there were many friends who had been trainees for a long time.” Accordingly, Kim Ji-yeon and Kim Yoon-seo answered that they started in the second grade of middle school and the fourth grade of elementary school, respectively.

Kim Hyun-hee, a former YG trainee, said, “I entered around July last year and came out around March and April this year.” Kim Hyun-hee, who previously said in an interview with the production team that her most difficult time was “after I got kicked out of the agency“. She said everyone can predict that “if your class is canceled on the same day, it means you will be kicked out of the company“. “But my class was canceled on that day. The employee said to me, “Hyun-hee, you wait here,” so I waited in desperation. After that, he told me, “We don’t think your image match us. You don’t have to come here anymore,” she told her story.

A former YG trainee: “If your class got canceled that day, it means you got kicked out because my image didn’t fit”

Kim Hyun-hee confessed that as the pattern of commuting to and from work every day disappeared, the sense of belonging itself disappeared and she felt a feeling of emptiness that she didn’t have a management company anymore. “Because of this, I got tired and was obsessed with the idea of what should I do now?”, she confessed.

After hearing the news of the launch of “My Teenage Girl”, Kim Hyun-hee talked about her decision of coming to the show, saying, “The difference between this and being a trainee is that there is no ending for this. In February, it’s whether I will make my debut or not,” she said adding, “I thought if I fail to debut, I still can gradually gain experience through this show.

Dr. Oh Eun-young, the psychiatrist of the show, said, “The most important thing is not the evaluation of others, but the inner standards of what you think is important. In the long race, we’re just beginning,” she said, cheering for her trainee “daughters”.

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