Despite receiving much criticism, a former JYP trainee and her teammates still achieved the victory in Girls Planet 999!

Received mixed reactions, but the almost-member of ITZY and her teammates still had the best-rated performance.

In the latest episode of Girls Planet 999, ITZY’s cover stage of “Mafia In The Morning” was one of the performances that attracted the most attention. Besides the existing reputation of this song, another factor that makes it attractive is the cover group’s lineup. 

girls planet 999
The perfomance of Ya Ning, Mashiro and Jiwon got severe criticism. 

Huh Jiwon was voted as the most beautiful visual on the show. Fu Ya Ning is a contestant who has a noisy attitude with Choi Yujin. And Sakamoto Mashiro who was in the top 9 in the first round of voting and used to be in the debut lineup of ITZY.

Having all such outstanding members, the group’s performance received a lot of criticism and scrutiny. The song itself is not easy to perform, so it causes a lot of controversies. Some people praise it as gorgeous, some criticize it as ridiculous and overrated. 

Fu Ya Ning is considered the most suitable member of the concept of this song. This concept enables her to show off her strengths, with the inherently sharp facial features, she had a surely high-quality performance. 

girls planet 999
The unique and girl-crush aura of Ya Ning for real fits the concept of the song. 

For Sakamoto Mashiro and Jiwon, these two previously followed the pure and sweet concept, so this change of style has not been in its finest completion. Both were criticized for being unnatural, their expressions were sometimes awkward and exaggerated. Jiwon was still said to be a little girly. And Mashiro is still a bit gentle, not enough to express the concept finely.

girls planet 999
Trying hard to fit in with the girl-crush concept though, Mashiro’s expression was unnatural and remained pretty stiff throughout the performance.
Jiwon received the harshest criticism, she was said to be exaggerated mostly during the song. 
  • After this stage, now I finally know why Jiwon has such a bright visual but still not able to make a breakthrough. The overall skills are just enough. Her performance of this song is exaggerated and is of low-quality. 
  • By the way, let us praise Fu Ya Ning, great vocals, completely fit in with the concept. 
  • Fu Ya Ning did the best in this song, but it doesn’t the other two were of bad quality. 
  • This team is top-notch, everyone has great vocals, Jiwon’s visual is excellent. 
  • Maybe Mashiro did not fit in with this vibe, but her leading skills are good though. 
  • Jiwon looked so stiff. I could see her exaggeration in the fancam, not to mention the full stage though, really unnatural. 
  • Shiro’s cute vibe didn’t fit in with this girl-crush concept, it just sounds weird. 
girls planet 999
Overall, Fu Ya Ning was the one with the most positive comments. 

However, this group of contestants ended up winning. Not only in the vocal segment but also leading the whole show, bringing the highest number of votes to the members.

girls planet 999
In spite of few flaws that remained, the performance could still outshine others to be able to reach the top

Compared to the less outstanding ballad stages, the rap stages lacking skills, and the dance stages that failed to show off their singing ability, this “Mafia In The Morning” stage is the most outstanding.

girls planet 999
Despite receiving much criticism, the 3 girls still deserved to get the win. 
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