A female idol halts activities because of malicious comments

Ju Eun (ARIAZ) decided to suspend activities after she went through a lot of mental damage caused by rumors.

On September 15, Rising Star Entertainment announced that Ju Eun (ARIAZ) will officially halt her activities.

Specifically, Rising Star stated that Ju Eun is suffering a lot of mental trauma caused by “false and groundless rumors that are constantly spreading online”. The malicious comments have caused the female idol to suffer anxiety and feel miserable.

Although Rising Star did not specify, based on the company’s statement, fans believe that Ju Eun was hurt by the rumors that broke out at the time of her debut. At that time, Ju Eun was accused of smoking, underage drinking and school violence in the past.

The idol admitted to smoking and drinking alcohol when she was a minor. She then quickly issued an apology, “I feel regret. I’m seriously reflecting on my rebellious behavior in the past.”

However, Rising Star denied all accusations of bullying. Only a week after ARIAZ’s debut, the company filed a criminal complaint with the Mapo police department against online posts accusing the female idol of school violence.

Ju Eun was accused of smoking, underage drinking and bullying her classmates. Photo: Naver.

In the latest announcement, Rising Star stated that the company and ARIAZ members jointly made the decision to maintain group activities with a 5-member lineup. Rising Star also affirmed that spreading false rumors and defaming someone is a crime. The company has taken legal action against the malicious comments aimed at Ju Eun.

Rising Star also said they would do their best to maintain ARIAZ’s activities while continuously supporting Ju Eun and helping the female idol improve her mental health.

Ju Eun was born in 2001. In 2019, she officially debuted in the girl group ARIAZ. Consisting of many members who are contestants on survival shows like Produce 101, Mix Nine, and Superstar K, the group quickly caught the public’s attention. ARIAZ will soon release the song “Hot & Cold”.

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