A female idol exposes the use of drugs and banned substances among Kpop idols

The experience of this female idol has revealed the dark side of the Kpop industry.

Behind the flashy stages are the dark sides of showbiz.  One of them is the use of illegal drugs. Recently, in a video on YouTube, female idol Serri (Dal Shabet) revealed the reality of drug use in the entertainment industry, and how she actually had a personal encounter with another idol who was using and offering drugs. This story is not new but recently was brought back, causing a stir throughout the social networks.

The female idol shared that she was shocked when she learned that illegal activities were still happening around herself, even directly related to her colleagues: “It’s a serious problem and I’m shocked by it. Drugs are illegal and using them is a crime. But it’s happening all around us without us noticing. And we’re talking about people that I’ve worked with before. We were in the same industry. So it was really shocking when I found out the truth about them…”

However, Serri also admitted that, while she was actively promoting the world of K-Pop as a part of Dal Shabet, she was offered to try a type of drug. She recalled: “I felt as if I almost tried that. At that time, an idol brought a potion with vitamin-like pills inside. [He/she] said, ‘Taking this will make you feel better. Do you want some?’ But it was so casual the way I was approached. It wasn’t as low-key or under the table at all. It was out and open where everyone could see and hear.”

The idol-in-question referred to the substance as “vitamins” and offered it to everyone who was present at the time. “It was very casual. [He/she] was like, ‘Oh it’s time to take my vitamins.’ Nothing was serious about the whole situation.” Serri, who usually does not accept food that isn’t hers, passed on the offer. 

However, shortly after, she came across the news of this idol being charged with drug use. She was extremely confused, scared, and angry. “Looking back, I just want to hit [him/her]. Why would [he/she] offer that to me? I could’ve taken it if I didn’t think too much about it… but anyway, that person was arrested, so…”, Serri said. 

Serri added to assure the viewers that drug use and offering aren’t actually that common in the world of K-Pop. The female idol emphasized that the drug problem is probably only more serious in the entertainment industry because idols receive more attention than others, drug use is everywhere, not only in the entertainment industry. She asserted that not all celebrities use or provide drugs.

Source: Koreaboo

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