A female idol affirms that she had never had plastic surgery just with her mother’s photos

After seeing a series of photos of this Kpop female idol’s parents, no one still thinks that she has had plastic surgery.

Being considered one of the most beautiful female idols in Kpop 2nd generation, but Jiyeon (T-ara) is often suspected of having cosmetic surgery due to her unbelievably beautiful face.  In particular, Jiyeon’s straight, high nose is the part that netizens are most suspicious of.

Recently, T-ara beauty has smashed all rumors by gently posting a series of young photos of her parents on Instagram. Jiyeon’s parents have a very beautiful appearance.  In the old photo, the T-ara member’s mother owns a high nose and even more beautiful than Ji Yeon.  This photo proves that Jiyeon’s beauty is 100% natural, she has inherited the full beauty from her parents.

Jiyeon’s father was also very handsome and stylish when he was young.  His face was extremely harmonious and sharp
The female idol’s brother also has an outstanding appearance
All the lines on her face are perfect, from the V-line chin shape, glittering eyes, beautiful little lips to the extremely high nose.

Source: Instagram, internet

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