A female dancer on “Street Woman Fighter” was accused of school bullying

On September 3, a post appeared on the forum Nate Pann titled: “A friend who used to harass me is appearing on “Street Woman Fighter”.

The original poster wrote: “That friend bullied me from elementary school to middle school. Whether that friend did it reluctantly or not, I was hurt a lot”.

“I was made fun of and called a pig. I was bullied so much that even the teacher that friend said that I smelled, the way she looked at me and how she treated me.”

“The most unforgettable thing is that she and her group of friends talked to each other on the phone a lot, but asked me to pay the call charges to them. In front of many people, she pushed my head with her forefinger, asked me why I didn’t answer the phone and made a gesture like she was going to hit me.”

The author said that the person’s abusive attitude and scornful eyes became worse, and even in middle school, she continued to hate her.

After reaching high school, the author distanced herself from bad friends. However, the author was surprised after watching “Street Woman Fighter” on Mnet and said that she thought a lot before posting the debunking post.

The author wrote: “Jong Hye-ah, if you see this post, I think you’ll know who I am. I think that even if you apologize, the hurt at that time cannot be erased. But I hope you feel guilty. You don’t know how much I cried.”

Netizens believe that the identity of the accused female dancer is PROWDMON Hyeily (with the same team as Monika Shin and LipJ, the stage center of “Pretty Savage”) based on the year and name on the yearbook that the author posted.

Street Woman Fighter
The yearbook that the author posted
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