A fan throw money on BTS’ stage and this is how Jin reacted

The fans couldn’t help but laughed at the boy.

On September 16th, “Love Yourself Tour” took place at the Forth Worth Convention Center (USA), and ended successfully with the participation of thousand fans. Besides the top performances, fans are sharing lovely moments of 7 members of BTS on social networks. The highlight of last night’s concert was when the “Worldwide Handsome” of the group started to count money on stage.

In Western countries, it is not strange for fans to throw objects onto the stage as long as it’s not a hard or sharp object. Last night, a fan had successfully got Jin’s attention when he picked up the money this fan throw on stage and started counting.

Jin’s hands were still holding the mic, but he started counting money on the stage. However, according to many fans at the concert, after counting the boy just left it there.

The male idol had made a good laugh for fans. Netizens are leaving some comments on Jin’s cute action:

  • “Well he needed money to achieve his goal to buy Big Hit, and set up JinHit”
  • “The entrepreneurial spirit is boiling in his veins”
  • “Remember when Jimin gave him money cake, he was disappointing and shouted: “It’s fake money!”

In addition to counting the money, fans also recorded some other moment of Jin on stage last night. According to many A.R.M.Ys, when moving to the US, Jin seems to have more fun. At the end of the concert, he danced with enthusiasm, making everyone look at him and can’t help but laugh.

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