A fan threatened to kill V (BTS) in order to “claim back Jungkook for Jimin”

Thinking that V is being in the way of Jungkook and Jimin’s relationship, this fan went as far as threatening to kill V with a gun

Fan’s shipping K-Pop idols with each other is not something rare in the K-Pop fan community. Whichever group it is, male or female, there will be at least 1 – 2 couples that are shipped by fans. However, this is just a little happiness of each fandom which rarely cause any negative matter.

However, to many idol groups who have been together for a long time, shipping is like a religion in fans’ heart. Many fans cannot accept their idol breaking the ship to get married or date someone else. Some fans even have many negative behaviors, such as being upset when one member of their ship is close with another member and declaring that their OTP is the only truth. The below story is also the same.

Today (May 28th), BTS fans are terrified after knowing that V is threatened to be killed by gun. A Twitter account uploaded a photo of a gun along with a threat:

“Kookmin is more real than Vkook. Jimin has cried, why is that? You bashed Jimin? You should die. BTS will be better if Taehyung (V’s real name) leaves. 6 is a better number than 7.”

This account seems to be a fan of the Jungkook and Jimin ship and hate the Vkook couple which is between V and Jungkook. The reason for this threat is that Jimin recently cried at a BTS’s recent show. Actually, Jimin shed tears because he was moved by ARMY’s love for him. However, in this fan’s eyes, these tears are because of V stealing Jungkook from him.

At the moment, fans are sending email to Big Hit Entertainment to ask for a tighter security system to prevent any bad situation. This is not the first time BTS is threatened. Before, Jimin has been threatened 3 times, and even the U.S police have to open up an investigation.

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