A famous actor that everyone should know about, challenges acting as an old man who is over 30 years older than him

Actor Lee Sung-min revealed the reason why he decided to appear in the movie “Remember.”

On Sep 26th, Lee Sung-min said at the online production briefing for the movie “Remember” (directed by Lee Il-hyung), “I chose this work because I found the script interesting after reading it the first time,” adding, “I felt a lot of pressure playing Han Pil-joo, but I thought it was worth challenging as an actor.” 

In the movie, Lee Seong-min plays Han Pil-joo, an Alzheimer’s patient in his 80s who goes on a journey to revenge on a pro-Japanese group who took away his family.

“I believed that if I did well in this movie, I can show the audience a new transformation of mine,” he said. “My biggest homework was to cover up how I’m actually much younger than my character. I was very worried about that, but I’m looking forward to the movie now because people around me think I expressed him well,” he added.

“Remember” is the story of Pil-joo (Lee Sung-min), an Alzheimer’s patient who has been planning his revenge for 60 years in search of a pro-Japanese group that killed all his family, and In-gyu (Nam Joo-hyuk), his young best friend who unintentionally got caught up in his revenge. The movie will be released in cinema on October 26th.

Source: wikitree

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