A famous actor planned to have a child before holding the wedding despite his parents’ disapproval

Actor Jang Hyuk married a dancer who is two years older than him. The couple has two sons and one daughter.

Jang Hyuk weeding

After dating for 6 years, Jang Hyuk had his first child then later proceeded with a wedding.

During a broadcast in the past, Jang Hyuk revealed a behind story of his marriage.

Jang Hyuk

The actor said, “My wife waited for me to complete my military service from when she was 32 to the age of 34. She is two years older than me”. He continued, “She kept waiting for me despite being in difficult situations. And if she turned 35 years old, it would become a little bit too old. So we decided to have a baby first then hold our wedding after I finished the work I was filming.”

Jang Hyuk confessed, “I wanted to go with my order, but my agency and my parents were opposed to the plan. So my wife and I went on a trip together planning on her pregnancy. We just did everything without discussing it with anyone.”

Then, he said, “I feel bad for my parents, but my trick worked. Everything changed on the day my son was born. As soon as they saw their grandson, they told me to get out of their way and happily said, ‘I think he looks like me’.”

Jang Hyuk

Meanwhile, Jang Hyuk will appear in KBS2’s drama “Red Heart”, which is scheduled to air next year.


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