A denied, “I never said Kim Seon-ho wasn’t actor K, that comment wasn’t me”

A, who claimed that she had been forced to have an abortion by her ex-lover actor K, said she had never written the comment saying “K isn’t Kim Seon-ho”.

Actor Kim Seon-ho (35) is suspected of being the mentioned K actor” who is currently under fire, but his agency has only expressed their position as they were “checking the facts.”

Author A, who uploaded a post to the online community Nate pann on Oct 17th titled, “I’m here to accuse the dual and shameless real-life personality of a popular actor K,” recently revised the header of the post to, “I have never posted any comments.” She said, “I’ve never written and deleted any comments. I’m very curious about the intention of impersonating my comment, even to the extent of using photoshop. People will know even if I only wrote this much. As the owner of the post, I’ll say this again, I’ve never written or erased such comment,” she strongly refuted.

Kim Seon Ho actor K scandal

When the article started to receive attention earlier, a netizen posted a captured photo in the comment, saying, “OP wrote then deleted this comment a while ago.” In the screencap was a comment saying, “It’s not Kim Seon-ho, written under A‘s ID. However, A denied, “I think someone impersonated me. It’s not my comment. This is my first time leaving a comment.” A claims that the capture photo of the comments posted by the netizens appears to have been manipulated.

Even when netizens pointed out earlier, asking her to provide evidence, A said, “Many people ask me to post evidence photos, and that’s not difficult. There are so many photos. However, the reason why I didn’t upload photos and evidence right away is because of legal reasons, and I’m now thinking about whether to upload the photos,” she said.

Kim Seon Ho actor K scandal

Meanwhile, A sparked controversy by revealing that actor K, who started dating her early last year, forced her to have the abortion under the empty promise of marriage and unilaterally notified her of their breakup after the surgery was done. Netizens raised speculation based on A’s writing that actor K was Kim Seon-ho. Salt Entertainment, Kim Seon-ho‘s agency, had remained silent. Then, two days later, on the 19th, his agency said, “We are checking the facts,” and added, “As the facts have not yet been clearly confirmed, we sincerely ask you to wait a little longer.”

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