A collaboration between BTS and Charli XCX is happening soon?

Everyone is surprised after knowing that BTS is silently working with Charli XCX to prepare for a new music product.

After Nicki Minaj and Halsey, Charli XCXis predicted to be the next female artist to collaborate with BTS. The news is spreading and fans can’t wait to see the result.

Specifically, on the BMI website where the info about copyright of newly-made tracks will be added recently appears a track called “GLOW”. There wouldn’t be anything special about this song if Charli XCX (Charlotte Emma Aitchison) along with the 7 members of BTS don’t appear in the composer collum.

The newly-added track on BMI’s database.

It’s highly-expected that the audience will soon be able to enjoy the collaboration between Charli XCX and BTS. At the mean time, even though no one know whether this will be a track of the female artist or of the 7 Big Hit boys, this is still good news.

The past 2 times when they collaborate with a Hollywood female artists all marked a new turnpoint of their career. With “IDOL” ft. Nicki Minaj, they reached the #11 spot on Billboard Hot 100. “Boy With Luv” ft. Halsey is even more successful with a stable #8 rank on the same chart.

MV “Boy With Luv” – BTS (ft. Halsey) is currently the most viewed MV in the first 24 hours.

Charli XCX is not a foreign name to music lovers. This born-in-1992 singer is known for her featuring in many hit songs such as “I Love It” (with Icona Pop), “Fancy” (with Iggy Azalea), and many of her solo songs which are loved at any party like “Boom Clap”, “Boys”, “Break The Rules”,…BTS and Charli XCX met each other for the first time in August, 2017 (during BTS’s appearance at the AMA that year). Charli XCX was so excited she even called herself the “new member” of BTS!

If this collaboration is real, what do you think?

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