A Chinese university professor suddenly became famous for looking like BLACKPINK’s Lisa

Recently on social networks, netizens are sharing a photo of a girl that looks a lot like Lisa (BLACKPINK).


After researching, netizens recognized that girl is Miss Tang, a professor who teaches history at the Chongqing College of Mobile Telecommunications. 

Miss Tang

After the picture became famous, her popularity in the university is higher than ever before, with students reportedly lining up to take her classes and even waiting at the door just to catch a glimpse of the teacher who’s been hailed as a K-pop idol

Ms. Tang, however, is surprised at the attention she is getting and is not interested in the spotlight.  She asked her friends and colleagues to refuse to share any further information about her. Miss Tang also shared that she really didn’t want the photo to go viral and didn’t want to be ‘famous’ either.

Fortunately, netizens have respected her decision and no more information about her has been leaked on social media.

Source: Weibo, Twitter, KB

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