A BTS member broke BLACKPINK Lisa’s record chain on Instagram and set new achievement!

V (BTS) does not have a personal Instagram but has a long list of accomplishments, even surpassing Kpop queen of SNS – Lisa (BLACKPINK).

Although 7 BTS members do not have personal Instagram accounts, they can still set 3 consecutive records for the number of likes on this platform. These 3 records have surpassed the account with the most followers on Instagram Kpop – Lisa (BLACKPINK).

Lisa is currently the Kpop idol with the largest number of followers on Kpop Instagram with more than 60 million followers. Not only that, but she is also the only artist to hold a series of records on this Kpop platform, including the record for the most-liked post on Instagram for a long time.

BLACKPINK’s maknae is also the first Kpop idol to reach 5 million, 6 million, 7 million, and 8 million likes.  However, this record chain was broken by BTS V.  Although he does not own a personal account, the group account is only ranked 3rd in the number of followers (after Lisa and Jennie), V has continuously become the first Kpop idol to own the first post to surpass 9 million and 10 million likes and the most liked post on Instagram.

The post with 2 photos of V in #BTS_Butter Concept Photo version 1 released on June 27 to promote the single “Butter” ended Lisa’s consecutive record streak.  It also set a record when it became the most liked post with more than 10,043,671 likes, a huge number that is hard to break.

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