A behind-the-scenes secret about the scene of Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi in “Squid Game”: What made them all cry?

What happened during the filming that made both female leads of ‘Squid Game’ burst into tears?

Although Sae Byeok (Jung Ho Yeon) and Ji Young (Lee Yoo Mi) did not have a happy ending, they still left a great impression on the audiences. Both had been left lonely, then met and became friends during the extreme situation of “Squid Game”. In the end, no one in these two escaped from a tragic death. The friendship of Sae Byeok and Ji Young also touched the heart of viewers in the “Gganbu” episode when they played ‘Marbles’.

During a recent interview with Netflix, young actress Lee Yoo Mi startled everyone by revealing a sad behind-the-scenes secret about the two characters’ friendship.

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi

The scenes in “Squid Game” were not filmed in the sequence that was shown on the official broadcast. In fact, the scene of Sae Byeok inviting Ji Young to be her teammate was the last scene of the two. Before that, they had already finished filming the scene when Ji Young accepted her death, let Sae Byeok be the winner, and said her last goodbye.

Many viewers picked this as one of the most touching scenes in “Squid Game”. Both Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon were so immersed in their characters to the point that they became more sensitive.

Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi
Jung Ho Yeon and Lee Yoo Mi

Only after the “hardest” part was finished did the two actresses continue to film the scene in which they started to become friends. In this way, the feelings of the two actresses were also affected. Lee Yoo Mi and Jung Ho Yeon had to hold back their tears and pretended that they were strangers who only met for the first time.

Lee Yoo Mi said, “We were too immersed with the feelings during that scene. We weren’t supposed to cry, but our eyes were already teary”.

This behind-the-scene secret may change the way the audiences feel about the first meeting of Sae Byeok and Ji Young. Both actresses deserve more respect for their effort in holding back emotions in order to complete the filming.

Not only on screen, the two also developed a close friendship in real life. They often talk and share many stories with each other. Jung Ho Yeon even confessed that Lee Yoo Mi comforted her a lot whenever she lost confidence in her acting.

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