A 7-year-old’s controversial “Squid Game” drawing: is this child abuse?

A Youtuber recently used a drawing made by a 7-year-old child as their video thumbnail, gathering netizens’ attention. The drawing seems to describe a scene of Netflix’s original series “Squid Game.”

On Oct 10th, an online community posted an article titled “A gift from a 7-year-old subscriber to a famous YouTuber.” Author A said, “It is said that a 7-year-old child drew it,” and explained, “The mother  proudly sent it to the YouTuber, and the YouTuber also proudly posted it.”

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The post owner also captured and uploaded the aforementioned drawing. A claimed that it depicted the first game in the drama, “Green Light Red Light”. This person explained the drawing, saying, “There is something in the large girl’s hand on the far left, and it looks like a gun, and I can see a small person with a triangle mask and a person lying down next to it.”

They also pointed out that the viewing age of “Squid Game” is “not available for teenagers.” “But a 7-year-old drew this picture. Seeing the exact description, I think they really watched it,” the person said.

The scene depicted in the picture is believed to be the first game to appear in the “Squid Game”. In the drama, after the tagger doll shouts “Mugunghwa flowers bloomed” and turns around, participants who are caught moving will be shot dead. This series included suggestive and cruel scenes, not for children to watch.

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Subscribers claimed that he/she seemed to have shown the 7-year-old child the “Squid Game” series and asked them to draw a picture to support him/her. They then concluded, “I think this drawing is a really serious ‘child abuse’.”

In particular, the YouTuber of that channel has even protested in front of a daycare center shouting “Eradicate child abuse.” They added, “And I’m no longer surprised that they can proudly post a problematic picture like that on their YouTube channel.”

Netizens said, “I want to believe that this is an adult joke,” “I don’t think it’s a child’s handwriting,” “If it’s true that they showed “Squid Game” to a 7-year-old child,…” “Someone I know told me, they saw an elementary 3rd grader bragging about watching “Penthouse” and “Squid Game” with their mom,” “I was watching a bunch of elementary students playing “Squid Game” because it was cute, but then suddenly one was caught moving and the it kid started to mimic guns shooting.”

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As “Squid Game” gained sensational popularity around the world, warnings were issued in the U.S. and Europe that minors should be protected due to the violent element of the series. In fact, due to the nature of video streaming, minors can easily watch it unless their parents restrict their viewing.

Meanwhile, “Squid Game” has been a global hit, ranking #1 worldwide on Netflix for 18 consecutive days.

Source: Dispatch

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