A 4th generation female idol praised for her sweet visuals that make her look like TWICE’s 10th member

Sharing the same frame with TWICE, not only is this 4th generation female idol not overshadowed by her seniors’ visuals, but she also matches well with the members of TWICE.

Recently, TWICE had a performance on the November 14 broadcast of Inkigayo to promote their new song ‘SCIENTIST‘. The JYP girl group also joined a brief interview with the trio of Inkigayo MCs, NCT’s Sungchan, TREASURE’s Jihoon and IVE’s Ahn Yujin. During the interview, Yujin stood next to the TWICE members. This made many Korean netizens realize that Yujin’s appearance and aura somewhat harmonize well with the 3rd generation all-visual girl group. 

ahn yujin

Accordingly, Yujin is not only pretty but also gives off refreshing and sweet vibes. She also has a nice body proportion. Moreover, even if it was just a coincidence, Yujin’s pastel color top and headband also somewhat blended in with TWICE’s pink concept for the ‘SCIENTIST’ performance.

twice ahn yujin
twice ahn yujin

Korean netizens left comments complimenting that 9 members of TWICE are indeed all beautiful. Additionally, it is remarkable how Yujin’s visuals match well with TWICE members when they stand in the same frame. Many Korean netizens even said that if Yujin were wearing pink, she would have been mistaken to be the 10th member of TWICE.

twice ahn yujin

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • If Ahn Yujin’s headband was pink, she would look exactly like a TWICE member.
  • Ahn Yujin is really pretty.
  • I’m surprised that Yujin’s visuals match TWICE so well even though she is a 4th generation idol while TWICE is 3rd generation.
  • It’s interesting how well Yujin blended in with TWICE. Because earlier, when TWICE was interviewed on Music Bank, Jang Wonyoung stood next to them but they didn’t match well although they all looked very pretty
twice jang won young
  • TWICE and Ahn Yujin are all so pretty!!
  • TWICE is really a pretty member standing next to a pretty member standing next to a pretty member.
  • To me, Yujin Ahn is really pretty and Nayeon is gorgeous too.
  • Ahn Yujin always stands out when standing next to girl groups during interviews.
  • She looks like the 10th member of TWICE, it’s interesting that the outfit color matches too!!
  • It doesn’t make sense that there are people who say TWICE aren’t as pretty… If they weren’t pretty, I don’t think anyone in this world could be called pretty hahahaha. But I have to admit Ahn Yujin has a vibe that suits TWICE very well.
TWICE interview video on ‘Inkigayo’ on November 14. Do you agree that Ahn Yujin’s visuals match TWICE well?


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