A 15-year-old female idol is noticed for her wonderful long legs

During a sport championship event for idols, the youngest member of IZ*ONE is noticed for her perfect body proportion and long legs.

On Aug 12th, hundreds of idols have gathered at an indoor stadium in Seoul to attend a sport championship for idols. After the recording, Jang Won Young immediately became a hot topic. The 15-year-old idol is gaining attention for her perfect body proportion and long legs.

Jang Won Young attended the baseball pitching category. The IZ*ONE member wore a white baseball shirt, jeans and sneakers. Through these fantakens, it can easily be seen that Jang Won Young’s legs are extremely long compared to her upper body even though she didn’t wear any high heels.

This is not the first time Won Young’s legs become a hot topic among netizens. This 15-year-old girl has been in the center of attention many time before in South Korea thanks to her impressive proportion. Japanese media even complimented Jang Won Young to have the beauty of a manga character. Some say her legs is ethereally long.

Born in 2004, Jang Won Young is 15 years old this year. However, Jang Won Young is taller than 1,7m and has a perfect body propotion with long legs, curvy hips, small waist and long neck. The Korean netizens even commented that Won Young has the potential to become a model.

Among IZ*ONE, even though she is the youngest, but the girl is taller than the rest of her members by 10-15cm. Videos of her daily life always become the hot topic on the internet.

During Produce 48, Jang Won Young was the youngest among almost 100 trainees. This born-in-2004 idol has received the highest vote and becomes the center member of IZ*ONE.

Her face perfectly meets the Korean beauty standard with a V-line chin, high nose bridge, doe eyes and sweet smile. She always appears in the top most beautiful idols. Not just loved by her appearance, the idol is also complimented for her school achievement. Won Young has always been a top student at her school despite the busy schedule.

Jang Won Young is currently in 9th grade. According to her members, she has achieved perfect scores (100 points) on her Math, English, Korean test and a 90 on her Science test. She once revealed that if she hadn’t become an idol, she would have focus on being an announcer.

Sources: zing

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