73-year-old actor – Kim Yong Gun was sued by his secret lover for forcing her to have an abortion

The news stunned the audience as Kim Yong Gun is a veteran actor and one of Kdrama’s most famous “national grandfathers”. He is most known for his role in ‘200 pounds beauty’, as well as being the father of actor Ha Jung Woo.

On August 2, Dispatch suddenly reported that the veteran Asian actor Kim Yong Gun (76 years old) is currently being sued by his girlfriend, who is 39 years younger than him, for forcing her to have an abortion. It is known that Ms. A is 37 years old, met Kim Yong Gun in 2008 during a filming party and they fell in love. Since then, the couple has maintained a non-binding relationship.

Ms. A revealed her pregnancy in March. The veteran actor, on the other hand, was against her giving birth. The couple’s conflict steadily worsened, leading Ms. A to file a lawsuit against the actor in court. The Korean Civil Code makes it unlawful to force someone to undergo an abortion.

“I have been secretly dating him for 13 years. Now he no longer wants to appear in my life. The life of a woman like me is as valuable as the rest of Kim Yong-gun’s life. I consider him irresponsible and selfish.”

A revealed in an interview

In response to this, the accomplished actor said that he had changed his mind and was shocked when he got sued

“A blocked me and filed a lawsuit. This is not necessarily contested in court. I have expressed that I support her in giving birth last May. I’m 76 years old so it’s hard to get anyone pregnant, so I was shocked when I heard the news. I admit I shouted when I tried to convince her. Now I want to clear up the misunderstanding.”

Kim Yong Gun’s side revealed that the actor wanted to meet Miss A directly. However, she refused to meet because she needed to take care of her pregnancy and for her, the baby’s health was more important. The 39 years old younger lover of the “nation’s grandfather” said she was hurt a lot in the first 2 months of pregnancy. For now, she will entrust all responsibility to the lawyer.

Ms. A’s legal representative, lawyer Seon Jong Moon revealed, “A first met Kim Yong Gun at the age of 24 and she became pregnant at the age of 37. There have been many things between the two of them over the past 13 years. His responsible attitude is essential.”

Immediately, this information astounded netizens. Because Kim Yong-gun is an accomplished actor, one of the “nation’s grandfathers”, famous for his series of roles in 200 Pounds Beauty, Temptation of Wife… In particular, Kim Yong Gun is also the father of two famous actors Ha Jung Woo (Along with the Gods) and Cha Hyun-woo. He has been divorced from his first wife since 1996.

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