7 richest female K-pop stars in 2021: Lisa is the only 3rd generation idol

Currently, many Korean female artists own a huge fortune.  In particular, Lisa has a net worth of 14 million USD after only 5 years since her debut

Thanks to their natural talent in music, many female idols not only become more famous but also wealthier. In addition, due to their participation in many other fields of the industry such as variety, acting, commercials, they make even more money. The South China Morning Post has just announced the list of the 7 richest female K-pop artists in 2021.

Rich female idols

1. IU

“The nation’s little sister” has an estimated net worth of 31 – 45 million USD. According to Seoul Space and Korea Portal, IU is the richest female K-pop star in 2021. Most of IU’s income comes from royalties because she has composed more than 50 songs for her own albums, as well as for TV series and movies. In addition, the owner of the hit Bbibbi is also the representative of top Korean brands at the moment.

Not only achieving many successes in music, IU’s acting career is also extremely outstanding. IU has starred in many famous dramas such as Hotel del Luna, Scarlet Heart Ryeo,… As a wealthy celebrity, IU is often involved in philanthropy. She once donated 600 million KRW to help improve the living conditions of children, the elderly, and students.

Rich female idols
IU is the richest female idol in K-pop and often donates her money for charitable causes.

2. Lee Hyori

Since making her public debut in 1998 as a member of the girl group Fin. K.L, Lee Hyori has always managed her popularity in the K-pop industry. According to Soompi, she was the highest paid female idol in 2006. Currently, Lee Hyori’s net worth is around $30 – $40 million.

Not only having great talent in music, she also has an attractive appearance. Thanks to that, Lee Hyori is the golden advertising face of many brands such as Samsung or Lotte Liquor. Through the reality show Hyori’s Homestay, fans had the opportunity to witness more clearly the fortune of the couple Lee Hyori – Lee Sang Soon.

Rich female idols
Lee Hyori ranks 2nd on the list.

3. Dara (2NE1)

Dara is a member of the popular girl group 2NE1. After the group disbanded, Dara started a solo career. Dara proves that she has not lost her influence when constantly doing advertisements for famous brands such as Clio, Etude House, Nikon. Moreover, she took on a number of roles in Cheese in the Trap, One Step and Bcuz of U. Dara’s net worth is about 30 million USD.

Rich female idols
Dara is also doing YouTube with 1.3 million subscribers.

4. BoA

BoA is one of the early legendary idols, paving the way for SM to establish the current solid empire. Over the past 15 years, the “Queen of Kpop” has always been famous for her top-notch choreography and powerful vocals. It is estimated that she currently owns 25 million USD. Additionally, she also used to appear in the movie Make Your Move 3D as the female lead with actor Derek Hough. Currently, she is one of the judges on the dance competition show Street Woman Fighter

Rich female idols
BoA ranks 4th among the wealthiest female artists

5. Suzy

As one of the female idols with the most CFs, it’s not surprising that Suzy ranked 5th in the ranking of the richest female idols in 2021 with an amount of up to 25 million USD. The “National first love” is currently the muse of Reebok, Swarovski and Kerasys. Suzy is also a familiar face of the high-end fashion brand Dior. According to reports, for each episode in the drama, Suzy earned.

Rich female idols
Suzy also owns a building in Gangnam

6. YoonA (SNSD)

Among the 2nd generation female idols, in addition to Suzy, YoonA is also a familiar name of many brands. During her career, SNSD‘s visual has signed more than 40 advertising contracts. In addition, YoonA’s acting career is also highly appreciated. She has appeared in famous films such as The K2, Big Mouth, Hush God of War, etc. According to SCMP, YoonA’s assets are 25 million USD.

Rich female idols
YoonA’s drama “Miracle” received a lot of expectations from the audience.


Lisa is the only 3rd gen female idol on the list of the richest female idols in 2021 in 7th place with 14 million USD. Not only having a famous singing career with BLACKPINK, Lisa gradually became a fashion icon. As the muse of M.A.C, Celine, Bvlgari, she continuously appeared on many magazine covers. Lisa’s solo song “LALISA” reached 100 million views after just over 2 days of release, making her fortune more and more huge.

Rich female idols
With this wealth, Lisa is also the richest member of BLACKPINK.

Not inferior to male idols, these female stars still own millions of dollars in assets. Although they are rich, they still work hard and donate to charity. This is what makes the public love female idols even more.

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