7 Korean Dramas whose posters were accused of plagiarism, Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young’s movie was also included

There is a movie that plagiarized not one but two posters.

K-Dramas are not only famous for having excellent stories, talented actors but also their creative posters – one of the most important parts of a movie. Most of the time, the producers would invest a considerable amount of money in creating unique posters that can bring out the themes of their movies. However, there existed many films that were accused of plagiarising the poster ideas of other movies.

The poster of “Spy” was once accused of plagiarism. It was said that this drama copied the idea from the classic movie “Leon”. In response, the producer immediately denied the accusation. They replied that they did take the poster of “Leon” as a reference and also got the permission from “Leon”’s producer.
Not stopping there, another poster of “Spy” was also said to have “borrowed” the idea from “The Berlin File”
“Bride of the Sun” was involved in a plagiarism accusation of “White Night”
The poster of “All About My Wife” received many comments saying it looked exactly like a picture of actor Catherine Zeta-Jones. People noticed that even the main color of the poster, the expression, and the pose of the character resembled exactly the original version.
The poster of “Veteran” bears a resemblance to the poster of “Now You See Me” in arranging the characters’ positions.
“Tazza” was once accused of plagiarizing the poster of a U.S’s blockbuster – “Eastern Promises”
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