6 most booked female Kpop idols for commercials: Jennie (BLACKPINK) is praised, one ‘lost everything’ because of a scandal

Which Kpop female idols currently own the most number of commercials at the moment?

 One of the ways to prove a celebrity’s influence in Korea is by looking at the number of brands that person represents during a given period of time. Most celebrities own themselves a few CFs (advertisements) per year, but having more than 5 commercials is a different story.

6 most booked female Kpop idols for commercials

 For Kpop female idols, in order to become the expensive faces of the advertising industry, they need to have a high level of recognition to consumers, and their resume must also be clean. In addition, the brand also favors the stars who are capable of promoting products in a friendly manner but also enhancing product value thanks to their aura.

 Recently, a Knetz on the Korean forum has compiled 6 Kpop female idols with the most number of commercials currently. Brands they represent can be both domestic and international, and only include recent and valid contracts.


 Estimated number: 12 brands


 CNP Laboratory




 Samsung Card


 Banolim Pizza






 Estimated number: 8

 Dongbu Insurance


 Hyundai Department



 Estee Lauder

 Today House



 Estimated number: 7




 Dashing Diva





 Estimated number: 7


 Calvin Klein

 Gentle Monster

 Air Baked

 Cheoeum Chorom




 Estimated number: 6

 Good Day Soju

 Geworin Soft

 J.ESTINA Handbag

 Coco Ball Bar

 Post Corn Flite

 Jinny Kim


 Estimated number: 6

 Easy Tomorrow





 S.O.S: State Of Survival

 After looking through this list, many Knetz commented that most of these names are expectable. The reason is that these 6 Kpop female idols all have these in common: high influence, appropriate image and easy to ‘persuade’ users to buy the brand’s products.  Among them, IU is currently considered a ‘wall’ because of the number of commercials held by the female singer.

 In addition, Jennie (BLACKPINK) also received many compliments from Knetz for her special ability: Making every product she promotes look luxurious, even if it’s just a common product line.  All of this is thanks to Jennie’s unique aura, which attracts consumers who like to buy the items advertised in a trendy way.

Also, many people could not help but regret seeing the name Lee Naeun (APRIL).  Out of these 6 names, she is the youngest (born in 1999) and is considered a new generation female idol who can enter the top of the most booked female idols along with other famous names. Many brands choose Naeun because of her bright, refreshing and cute visual that is very well-loved by the Korean public.  However, in the end, after the allegations of internal bullying within APRIL broke out, Naeun almost ‘lost’ everything.  Many brands have simultaneously removed Naeun’s photos, Knetz also turned their back on the female idol.

 Some comments of Knetz:

 – Wow, IU has over 10 commercial contract!

 – Well, IU promotes a lot!

 – Yoona’s ads are perfect.

 – IU is the standard when it comes to commercials.

 – What Jennie uses, I just want to buy it immediately.

 – But Lee Naeun is really pretty.

 – YoonA is insanely pretty.

 – Wow, from looking at it, you can see why they are expensive.

 – I really like to watch Jennie’s ads, the product feels more expensive thanks to her.

 – Every item Jennie advertises, they look more classy, even cakes or vitamins.

 – I’m sorry for Lee Naeun. I used to enjoy watching her ads.

 – If there was no scandal, Lee Naeun would have come a long way.  She might be the top female idol when it comes to commercials, but now there’s nothing left.

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