“59kg →49kg”, Jeon Somi has lost 10kg for her debut

Singer Jeon Somi confessed to losing 10 kilograms for her solo debut.

Recently, Dingo Music released through its official channel a reality series “Follow Somi” featuring Jeon Somi’s debut process.

The released video showed Jeon Somi’s daily life. What caught the fans’ attention was Jeon Somi’s cute eating style, which can easily be seen as she continuously ate throughout the video.

If you are watching this video, you can see that the only thing I’ve done so far is eating,” Jeon admitted. Then she confessed, “I’m on a diet now. I have lost a lot of weight. At times when I gained weight the most, I even reached 58 to 59 kilograms“.

She added, “I’ve tried my best and lost 10 kilograms. Now I go back and forth between 48 and 49 kilograms“. When she was preparing for her solo debut last winter, she started to focus on her diet.

So far, Jeon has reported on her SNS Instagram that she is focusing on her diet by releasing several photos of her doing Pilates.

Fans were surprised to learn about Jeon Somi’s diet story. It is because she always seems to be in perfect shape every time that nobody feels that she had gained weight.

Meanwhile, Jeon Somi, who recently made her spectacular debut as a solo artist last month, continues to promote with her title track “Birthday“.

Source: nate

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