5 weeks after army enlistment, G-Dragon looks “happy as Larry” which warms his fans’ hearts

On Feb 27th, G-Dragon officially started his military service at the Recruit Training Center “White Skull”. All of his rare photos were very valuable to his fans.

G-Dragon happily talked with his friends at the barrack

Recently, netizens have been extremely excited when they could see G-Dragon 5 weeks after his military enlistment. He happily talked with the crew showing up in front of the barrack and what made many fan girls surprised was his “chubby” body.


Only 5 weeks after his military enlistment, G-Dragon looked very “chubby” and “happy as Larry”
G-Dragon even happily waved at his fans by doing military gestures

Not long ago, netizens noticed that his hands and legs were injured, so they were very worried for him. But now, his newest photos really warmed their hearts

Photos of his injuries made many people worried

Now, G-Dragon’s fangirls don’t need to worry anymore because KWON LEADER is still very healthy, chubby and happy

G-Dragon being healthy and chubby is not the only thing that makes V.I.P proud, but his outstanding achievements in the military that makes them want to show to the world. According to a news source, G-Dragon will be a trainee in the 3rd Infantry Division – White Skull. This position is very powerful. So, we can see that, even when he enlists in the army, the leader of Big Bang still proves that he has a good leadership skill.

Gdragon, ARMY, Bigbang, 2018, military
It is said that G-Dragon has received a lot of compliments from his supervisors regarding his good health status, stable spirit and amazing leadership skill. Perhaps, these 3 elements help this rapper become an assistant – a position that requires a person having a muscular body and outstanding achievements, according to K-netizens’ comments.

Gdragon, ARMY, Bigbang, 2018, military
Joining the 3rd Infantry Division, G-Dragon will become a teammate of many other famous celebrities such as Joo Won, Ji Chang Wook. Other soldiers probably can’t sleep when they are in the same division with these 3 celebrities. Hopefully, during his military service, G-Dragon will have many opportunities to meet his sunbae Joo Won and Ji Chang Wook so that his fans will have a chance to see all of them in their military outfits in a photo.

Gdragon, ARMY, Bigbang, 2018, military Gdragon, ARMY, Bigbang, 2018, military
V.I.Ps must be no longer worried about their idols. With this smooth beginning, surely G-Dragon will do his best when he is serving the country

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