5 TWICE’s members together showed off their new hair, the comeback date is approaching?

Mina, Chae Young, Tzuyu, Ji Hyo and Na Yeon all had new hairstyles, making fans more and more curios about TWICE’s comeback date.

TWICE is known as a hard-working group. After promoting the album “Taste of Love” in Korea in June, and releasing the Japanese album “Perfect World” on July 28, the JYP girls did not take a rest but were still busy with many new schedules. Recently, fans were excited when they noticed the group’s upcoming comeback because 5/9 of the TWICE members all had brand new hair colors and hairstyles.

Nayeon twice 29836263823682 scaled 1
Na Yeon posted a photo showing off her new hair on August 5. Twice’s oldest sister has changed from dark brown hair to lighter brown hair, dyeing pink highlights in the bangs.
Nayeon twice 479273827313 scaled 1
Nayeon twice 7286381361 scaled 1
Jihyo twice 729736826323 scaled 1
Ji Hyo also “teased” a brand new short hairstyle on August 3.
Jihyo twice 8203792377293723 scaled 1
Tzuyu twice 7917391793713 scaled 1
Tzuyu (TWICE)
mina twice 7297397372368237 scaled 1
Mina (TWICE)
Chaeyoung twice 729379237923729 scaled 1

The netizens are excited about the 5 girls’ hairstyle changes. They predict that the group’s comeback will be super exciting and colorful.

On August 2 and August 4, TWICE’s account also posted curious photos. In the photo is a letter with their logo, along with the words “Oh! you got my attention” and “Uh, I’m so curious”. Most likely this is a teaser image for the group’s new single. Previously, JYP confirmed that TWICE was preparing for a new product, with the goal of making a comeback at the end of September. The exact time of the comeback will be announced after the preparations are completed. Industry sources revealed that TWICE’s September comeback will be an English single, aimed at the US market.

twice 3719739323173 scaled 1
twice 303793719721 scaled 1

Some comments: “Twice is the hardest working group. Looking forward to this comeback”; “With Twice’s new hair colors, I guess the upcoming song will be fun”; “Twice is very productive, but I hope the company pays more attention to girls’ health”…

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