5 most popular beautiful young idols of Kpop in Thailand

V, Jisoo, Jihoon, Lisa and Mingyu are the top names on the list of the 20 most popular idols voted by Thai netizens, listed through Rabbit Today.

1. V (BTS): Kim Taehyung is an idol who always tries his best and constantly improves himself over time. Therefore, fans increasingly believe and love this male idol more. Witnessing the process of maturity and training to gain achievements like this, the audience is even more proud to call him their idol.

2. Jisoo (Black Pink): Taking over the visual role of the group, the oldest sister of Black Pink – Kim Jisoo possesses both the beauty and the charm. In particular, her charisma is highly appreciated as the goddess image of Kpop. Not only that but Jisoo is also loved by the fans thanks to her considerate nature as the eldest and her caring acts for her sisters in the group.

3. Park Ji Hoon (WANNA ONE): Park Jihoon of the survival program Produce 101 Season 2 has become famous and is getting more and more mentioned. The boy has a handsome face like a comic character and he possesses both great talent and good personality. There is an opinion that Jihoon is naturally an idol because he knows how to steal the hearts of audiences by creating distinctive branding or actions. Thanks to that, the male idol fandom is getting more famous.

4. Lisa (Black Pink): Famous for being a lovely, friendly girl who cares for everyone around her, the youngest Lisa easily wins the sympathy of fans around the world, including fans in her Thai homeland.

5. Mingyu (Seventeen): When it comes to Seventeen, the audience will definitely mention the name Kim Mingyu – a guy with a warm heart who possesses outstanding rap and dance skills. Furthermore, Mingyu was voted by the members of Seventeen to be the most masculine and handsome in the group by his attractive face and outstanding height – 1m85.

Sources: zing

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