5 Kpop idols make netizens look forward to their official solo albums at the moment

Korean netizens expect that these Kpop idols’ agencies will soon let them have official solo albums for themselves.

Recently, a Pann user named 5 Kpop idols who need to immediately release their official solo albums  The reason is that besides having the ability to sing, they also win the hearts of the public because of their hard-working attitude and always convey the most sincere emotions in their performances.  The common point between them is probably that their companies have not really allowed them to release their own official solo albums.

Kang Seung Yoon ( WINNER)

Before he was a WINNER member, Kang Seungyoon was known as an excellent vocalist after joining the show ‘Superstar K2’ in 2010. The song ‘Instinctively’ released by the male idol at that time became a hit in South Korea and even sold over 2 million digital copies.

However, unlike fans’ expectations, YG has never let Kang Seungyoon release an official solo album once.  In 2013, the company promised to let the male singer release a mini-album, but until now, when he is about to enlist, the promise has not been fulfilled.  Currently, he is the idol that Knet most expects to release his solo album.

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Korean netizens talked about Kang Seungyoon: ‘I’m sure everyone heard’ Instinctively ‘, right?  He sang that song 10 years ago and has not released any solo album yet.  I hope he can release his official solo album soon.  Recently, he even won 6 times in a row on ‘King of Masked Singer’!  Seungyoon can reach the high notes perfectly, but I like to hear him sing in a deeper tone. ‘


Although he is also a member of EXO’s vocal-line, Xiumin is rarely allowed to prove his ability like Chen, Baekhyun, or D.O.  However, that does not mean that netizens are not conquered by the male idol’s voice.  He released the song ‘You’ under the project ‘SM Station 3’ as a gift to fans before he enlisted. This song has received a lot of praise because he has a sweet voice, and excellent technique.  For this reason, Knet hopes that SM will let Xiumin have a solo album after the male idol is discharged from the army.

5 idol Kpop solo2

Korean netizens said about Xiumin: ‘His voice is very warm and makes listeners feel extremely relaxed.  I really like to hear Xiumin’s voice.  In terms of concept, maybe he suits something a bit cute.  But personally, I think it would be much more interesting to let him release a solo album under the fairy-tale concept. ‘

Wendy (Red Velvet)

Wendy’s vocal ability has always been appreciated compared to 3rd gen Kpop idols. She not only has a thick voice, rich in emotions, but also has good technique.  Whether singing high notes or lyrical, it is almost perfect.  Not only the audience but also the vocal experts also praised Wendy. Although the female singer has 6 OSTs, she currently does not have an official solo album.  Netizens hope that after Wendy really recovers from injury and comes back, SM will let her make an official solo debut after the debut of sub-unit, Irene & Seulgi.

Korean netizens said about Wendy: ‘She has a very warm voice.  This is the voice everyone wants to hear while on the way home from work, school, or early spring.  Everyone understands what I mean, right?  I think she will match the concept perfectly like Jung Eunji (Apink) when performing ‘Hopefully Sky’!


Rosé is known as the main vocal of BLACKPINK and has a very unique voice color.  The female idol’s voice still has many mixed opinions when saying it is ‘unnatural’.  However, in terms of technique and ability, she is still considered as getting better and better. Currently, in BLACKPINK, only Jennie can officially debut solo.  This is what makes many netizens difficult to understand because normally the main vocal must be the first solo debut.  After YG was criticized for treating Rosé unfairly, YG made many promises, and finally, the company revealed that the female idol’s solo will be carried out after BLACKPINK released the full album in September.  Fans still have doubts about this plan because YG rarely keeps their promise.

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Korean netizens said about Rosé: ‘I don’t think I have to say much about Rosé’s case.  I feel like she has improved a lot, even though she’s actually talented all the time.  But she sings well in ‘How You Like That’ too.  I hope she will release a solo product in the R&B genre.  She has a low voice, but not too dark, and still has a bright feeling. ‘


Minnie is one of the interesting elements when she is mentioned on this list.  Holding the position of main vocal of (G) I-DLE, the female idol impresses with her excellent Korean pronunciation despite coming from Thailand.  She possesses a thick, deep, warm voice and the ability to raise high notes steadily. Recently, Korean netizens really love Minnie’s voice through emotional covers that make others admire.  In addition, she also has the ability to play the piano, compose music, and write lyrics.  Korean netizens believe that Cube should let the female idol release an official solo song in the near future

5 idol Kpop solo5

Korean netizens said about Minnie: ‘Her pronunciation is so good that I don’t even know she’s a foreigner.  At first, I thought she had a pretty low voice, but actually Minnie can hit high notes really well, very comfortably, and naturally.  She never stopped surprising me with that.  I think she fits a bit dark concept.  Someone describes Minnie’s voice as early morning dew on the beach’

Sources: tinnhac

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