5 female idol with the longest training period

Many idols had had thoughts of giving up due to hardships they had to faced during their time as trainees.

Seola (WJSN)

Seola is a member of WJSN and the one with the longest training period. She has taken 10 years as a trainee before debuting in 2016.

5 female idol with the longest training period

Thanks to her visual, Seola has appeared in many MVs of other artists such as Boyfriend, Mad Clown,…ever since she was just a trainee. On “King Of Masked Singer”, she said: “I never regret those 10 years of training. I have learned a lot during that time”.

Sowon (G-Friend)

The leader of G-Friend was also a trainee for 5 long years. Sowon shared on “Kim Shin-young’s Music Party” that: “I was a trainee for very long and it was a hard time. I will never return to that time anymore.”

5 female idol with the longest training period

Sowon debuts in 2015 and is famous for her long legs. She is chosen to be the visual of G-Friend but doesn’t receive as much attention from the media and netizens as the other members like Eunha, SinB or Umji.

Jihyo (TWICE)

Jihyo has spent all of her youth at JYP as a trainee in 10 years. She had even had thought of giving up due to all the hardships. On “Package Tour”, the leader of TWICE said: “I had had a debut chance but things didn’t go right after that, and all expectation all went broken down. At that time, I didn’t want to be an idol anymore and stopped practicing for a long time”.

Jihyo surpasses other famous members of TWICE to become the member with the hottest fancam this comeback. The leader has attracted 2,9 million views with her chic performance style and alluring body. Jihyo revealed that she went to the gym 4 hours/day to maintain her body form.

Thanks to “SIXTEEN”, Jihyo has been able to receive a new chance and finally debut thanks to her strong and stable vocal.

Seulgi (Red Velvet)

Seulgi joined SM in 2007 and had lived 7 years as a trainee. Due to such a long training period, this female idol started to feel worried and scared that she might not be able to debut.

5 female idol with the longest training period

She once had a crisis after seeing all of her close friends leaving one by one. But thanks to her patience, Seulgi is not one of the most talented female idol in one of the most famous K-Pop girlgroup at the moment.

Jennie (Black Pink)

5 female idol with the longest training period

Jennie gave up her study abroad to join YG and it has taken her 6 years as a trainee before her debut in 2016. The BLACKPINK member once shared about her trainee life: “I’ve become much stronger after 6 long years of being a trainee. At first, I never thought that I could have such a chance like this. I’ll do my best so that my training time won’t go to waste.”

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