5 female celebrity with the most beautiful faces of Kpop

The survey of Women Generation selected the most admirable beautiful faces of Korean showbiz. Suzy, Krystal and Jun Ji Hyun reached the top 3.

1.Suzy: Suzy is currently the most popular celebrity of Korean entertainment. Having debuted since 16 years old as a member of the idol group Miss A, Suzy has always received attention from the audience because of her beauty and charm.

Considered the beauty icon of Korean showbiz, Suzy’s beauty like a goddess makes many people admired. Suzy’s pure face and elegance have left a strong impression on the public.

Therefore, the female idol is given the title of “national first love”. Over time, the beauty of Suzy becomes increasingly matured. At 25, Suzy has always been one of the beauty icons of Korea.

2.Krystal (268 votes): No one can deny Krystal’s beauty. The female idol born in 1994 always makes the fans overwhelmed every time she appears. Over time, the idol girl has given up the cute and youthful concept and replaced with a mature and attractive style instead.

According to Kpop fans, Krystal’s face has all beauty standards such as V-line jaw, sharp eyes, straight high nose and beautiful little lips. Therefore, the female idol always stands out at every angle. Even when taking close-up shots, her sharp and natural facial lines are more clearly shown.

Although shooting in the dark with a normal camera and not having any photoshop edit, she is still very gorgeous. Because of that, she was chosen to be the ambassador for many famous brands, as well as being on the cover of many brands and magazines.

3.Jun Ji Hyun: As one of the Korean beauty legendaries, Jun Ji Hyun made many people obsessed with her beautiful face and her admirable high-class style. Each event she attended, she became the focus of the media’s attention.

Although only wearing light makeup and simple outfits, Jun Ji Hyun still can make people flutter with her smooth skin and the beautiful face that doesn’t age. Unlike those of the same generation, Jun Ji Hyun possesses a modern, cool and attractive beauty, in accordance with the beauty standards of Korean women in the 21st century.

Although she has two children and is about to turn 40, the actress born in 1981 still has the admirable beauty and charisma. Korean beauty experts all agree that Jun Ji Hyun has a “unique” beauty in the Korean entertainment industry. Her beauty stands out completely compared to other Korean beauties.

4. Sulli: Titled the princess of SM, Sulli receives the most votes as “Kpop’s most beautiful idol” from the netizens. Sulli’s beauty was praised for having both a luxurious and lovely vibe.

Despite being criticized for posting offensive images, Sulli is still what admired by the audiences by her beauty. Sulli’s rare natural beauty is one of the reasons she shines.

Even when being taken photo of without her knowing, the female idol still shines with a radiant and beautiful face. There is no need to put on makeup or overdress, Sulli’s own unique beauty is enough to express her coolness in every photoshoot angle.

5.Irene: Irene’s beauty has been commented by beauty experts: “Everything on her face is perfect, even her eyebrows and her lips, I can’t even name the best part”.

Born in 1991, he is the oldest member of the group Red Velvet. Starting her idol career quite late, without outstanding height, Irene is still the most beautiful female idol in the 3rd generation of K-pop.

She was voted by her colleagues to be the most beautiful idol in real life. Thanks to that, Irene was the name chosen by many cosmetics, jewelry and fashion brands.

The next 5 positions in the chart include Han Ji Min, Han Ye Seul, Moon Chae Won, So Hee and Tae Yeon.

Sources: zing

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