“4 types of drugs” Yoo Ah In…Police “We plan to summon him in private next week”

The police are analyzing the data obtained from the search and seizure of Yoo’s home and the hospitals where he administered drugs, and plan to summon Yoo “in private” after completing the analysis this week.

An official from the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency said at a press conference on March 13th, “We are analyzing the data obtained from the search and seizure of two places, including Yoo’s residence, and the data obtained from the hospital. When the analysis is completed to some extent, we will request Yoo’s attendance and investigate.

yoo ah in

The official added, “We have not yet scheduled a summoning. We have no plans to summon him publicly.

Yoo is suspected of taking 4 types of drugs, including propofol, ketamine, marijuana and cocaine. Starting with the seizure and search of Yoo’s body on Feb 5th, the police raided many hospitals and clinics, including plastic surgery clinics in Gangnam and Yongsan-gu, Seoul, as well as Yoo’s home in Hannam-dong.

However, the police believe that Yoo’s charges of violating the Narcotics Control Act do not amount to “detention”. A police official said, “It can be understood as prosecution without detention.

yoo ah in

The police explained that the investigation into accomplices is not currently underway. The police said, “We would do it if there was a specific clue, but there is no clue so far.

Meanwhile, regarding the recent increase in drug offenders among young people, the police emphasized, “The Drug Crime Investigation Unit and Cyber Investigation Unit are intensively cracking down on the distribution of drugs through SNS. In parallel, drug crime prevention education is conducted for teenagers in cooperation with related organizations, and drug-related advertisements and sales sites are initially closed and blocked.

Source: Nate

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