4 reasons why Knetizens give high prominence to the group with only Korean members like BTS, Red Velvet, OMG,…

Looking back on the Kpop groups with only Korean members, Knetizens has discussed why they prefer the groups with this kind of formation.

Along with the popularity of the Korean Wave, the KPOP idol market also opened the door to welcome idols of different nationalities. It is easier to list out the all-Korean groups because nowadays, almost every KPOP group has members from China, Taiwan, Japan, Thailand, and other countries.

Although having foreign members would help the group enter the music market from many other countries, various kinds of problems are also hidden. That’s why Knetizens tend to prefer groups with only Korean members, not only because of their national pride but also for other reasons.

Recently, on a Korean forum, a Knetizen uploaded a post titled “Am I the only person who prefers the groups with only Korean members?”. That person also listed out some examples below:

shinee dont call e
Apink 3
BTS 2837927392737
winner 779879
Red Velvet
Gfriend, LOVE WHISPER, Yerin, Yuju
Oh MY girl0235405741140861350
Oh My Girl

Under the post, many people left their comments saying that even though they don’t hate other KPOP groups, they tend to bias the groups with all Korean and gave some reasons to explain their opinions.

National Pride: 

Korean has great national pride; therefore, an all-Korean KPOP group would gain more of their attraction. Moreover, when these groups got any achievements in other countries, they would be recognized for their own talent, not because of having a foreign member.

Not engaging in political controversy: 

It can be easily understood that the all-Korean groups wouldn’t have any trouble with political controversy. Politics controversies usually seek groups with Chinese, Taiwanese, and Japanese. Sometimes, the way they express their opinions on politics may be contrary to Korean netizens’ ideas. This is why Knetizens tend to lose their trust in KPOP groups with members from China and Taiwan.

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Higher chance to promote Korean culture: 

KPOP is a pride of Korean, and through KPOP, Korean can promote and bring Korean cultures to audiences around the world. The all-Korean groups are the most suitable people to wear hanbok and come to many historical places in Korea and promote their culture.


Korean netizens said that the groups with only Korean members would never have trouble with language barriers, cultural differences, and political controversies. It seems like the teamwork of these groups is more well bonded because they all come from Korea and lives within Korea.

Some comments from the Knetizens:

  • I don’t care about groups with foreigners, but I hate the idols who are Chinese!
  • I agree. I like all the groups mentioned above.
  • I don’t think I bias any member who is a foreigner.
  • The most important reason is that there would be no political controversy!
  • Although they were not mentioned here, other all-Korean groups are Lovelyz, ASTRO, MONSTA X, ATEEZ, SF9…
  • We cannot fully support the group with Chinese members.
  • I don’t prefer groups with members from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.
  • I feel so relieved knowing that BTS only has Korean members.
  • I only prefer a group that makes me proud to be a Korean, and I don’t have to worry about their opinions on politics. That’s why I only like the all-Korean groups!
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