4 Korean historical dramas with beautiful costumes

Not only the content but the historical costumes in Korean films also impress the audience.

1. Moonlight Drawn By Clouds

Set mainly in the royal palace, the costumes in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds were meticulously invested. As for the female lead, although she rarely wore women’s clothes, she still stood out in pink and white tones that exuded the soft, feminine and pure look of Ra On (played by Kim Yoo Jung).

2. Mr. Queen

If Kim Yoo Jung‘s female outfits in Moonlight Drawn By Clouds were a little bit innovative, then Mr. Queen was true to Korean Hanbok standards. In the drama, Shin Hye Sun presented a historical performance that made the viewers satisfied with clothes that rarely overlapped throughout 16 episodes.

3. Moon Lovers

Broadcast at the same time as Moonlight Drawn By Clouds, Moon Lovers also owned an impressive collection of antique costumes. In particular, IU‘s Hanbok dresses showed the characteristics of the character from time to time, such as when she was a dreamy girl or when she was burdened by being entangled in a painful love affair.

4. Empress Ki

As a drama about power struggle, the historical blockbuster Empress Ki (Ha Ji Won) brought extremely splendid outfits. The work used Chinese-style historical costumes instead of Hanbok to match the dynastic context. The royal robes of the Emperor, Empress and concubines overwhelmed the viewers by their magnificence and sophisticated golden crowns.

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