4 Korean actors who underwent drastic weight loss for drama and movie roles

To serve their roles, these Korean actors had to lose a huge amount of weight. 

Beautiful faces and well-proportioned bodies are what most actors desire to have, but sometimes looking that way is not suitable for their roles. Many Korean actors had to dramatically transform their bodies by losing weight to perfect their roles. 

1. Go Kyung Pyo

Because of the uncontrollable weight gain after being casted in Reply 1988, “Sun Woo” Go Kyung Pyo had to lose 8 kg within a month before filming began to fit the character. Throughout the filming process, Go Kyung Pyo continued to lose another 7 kg. Since he originally had a plump body, the drastic weight loss fortunately did not affect Go Kyung Pyo’s health but even made him look younger and more handsome. 

Go Kyung Pyo
Go Kyung Pyo

2. Kim Rae Won

Kim Rae Won took on the role of a gangster with a cold face and a bulky physique in Gangnam Blues. To make his character look the most realistic, the actor had to lose 15kg. Notably, soon after that, he continued to lose another 4kg to play a character with a malignant brain tumor in the series Punch. Opening up about the weight loss while shooting Gangnam Blues, Kim Rae Won said that after filming was completed, he wanted to gain weight again because he was too skinny but he could not gain it back, even after eating 4-5 meals a day.

Kim Rae Won

3. Lee Min Ki

Lee Min Ki once tried to lose 17kg in order to play a killer in the movie “Monster”. This was also the first time the actor had to go on such an extreme diet just for his role. In fact, the special eating plan for dieting also caused Lee Min Ki to suffer many health problems. At that time, the fat percentage in his body dropped to only 4%. However, enduring this harsh diet routine helped Lee Min Ki portray a coldhearted murderer perfectly.

Lee Min Ki
Lee Min Ki

4. Kim Seung Oh

Kim Seung Oh was naturally skinny, so losing 16kg in only 4 weeks for his role in “Missing You” made the actor’s appearance look really scary with his gaunt face and angular body. From 72 kg, Kim Seung Oh weighed only 56kg after dieting. Therefore, this really worried the audiences.To lose weight in such a short time, Kim Seung Oh had to work out every day and was not allowed to eat anything. Seeing his appearance after dieting, the director even said sorry for making him look like a murderer even in his real-life wedding photos.

Kim Seung Oh
Kim Seung Oh


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