4 idols nicknamed “Human Brand-name items”

These are the idols who can pull off anything they wear. They are sometimes given the nickname”Human Luxury Items.”

Who are they? They are BlackPink’s Jennie, Suzy, BTS’ V Kang Daniel. Let’s take a look at their pictures.

4 idols nicknamed "Human Brand-name"

The first one is Jennie of Black Pink. Jennie was perfect in her luxurious Chanel fashion. This has given the fans the idea to call her by the nickname ‘Human Chanel.’

The aura, it’s just too expensive
Human Chanel textbook
Her aura is everything
Her ability to pull this off is 200%
Chanel fahion, perfect

Next is BTS’ V. Recently, V wore a Gucci suit for a and did a model pose with his dreamy visual and small face. The Chanel earrings wear perfectly placed.

a collaboration between Chanel and Gucci
All eyes are at his ears
They goes perfectly with his hair color
Found him, the Human Chanel
His visual is also a luxury item

Suzy is also a “human luxury item.” She pulled off the Fendi fashion, of course with a unique handbag. She wore a perfect A-line skirt that came down to her ankle.

all-black chic look
The visual that draws everyone’s attention
The top innocent appearance
Let’s cheer in aw
This feeling, so elegant

The last is Kang Daniel. Kang Daniel likes to wear luxury fashion, too. What’s his favorite brand? It’s Balenciaga. He pulled off Balenciaga jacket and shoes for airport fashion.

Wherever he goes, it becomes the runway
The shoulder as wide as the Pacific Ocean
He can pull off the ugliest shoes
His model pose
A fan of Balenciaga

Source: Dispatch