4 big questions for Kpop fans in 2021: will BTS win the Grammy? GOT7 and the “7 years” curse?

The way people in the West perceive Kpop has changed when BTS and Black Pink achieved success in the US in 2020. This is also the first year Korean music has made a global breakthrough after 21 years of the Hallyu wave.

And now 2021 is the next milestone after last year’s first success.  This year is expected to be an important year to determine the direction of Kpop in the future.

# Will BTS win the Grammy?

Last year, BTS achieved their first No.1 at the Hot 100, which is one of Billboard’s most important charts.  But there is still an important title for them to conquer.  It is the Grammy, the oldest and most prestigious music award in history.  The first and most important thing is to be on the nomination list, BTS has already done it.  Last year, 7 boys were nominated for ‘Best Pop Duo / Group Performance’ with Dynamite at the 63rd Grammy Awards. This is also the first time for Korean pop music.

will BTS win the Grammy

At the award ceremony to be held in March, viewers are waiting to see if this time BTS will win this prestigious award.  It doesn’t seem easy.  J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny and Tainy with Un Dia, Justin Bieber and Quavo with Intentions, Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande with Rain On Me, Taylor Swift and Bon Iver with Exile, and other big-name nominees are also nominated.  for this category.  It can be seen that everyone deserves this award

Perhaps this time is the time for BTS to take this award, for their outstanding activities throughout 2020. In particular, Dynamite is also a meaningful song with lyrics that comfort everyone in the world who is exhausted because of Covid-19. BTS has won the American Music Awards (AMAs), the Billboard Music Awards, and the MTV Music Awards. Therefore, if they are considered by the Grammy Awards, they have achieved all the glory that all artists want.

# GOT7 disbanded. When will the “7 years” curse disappear?

will BTS win the Grammy

Kpop fan community just had to receive shock news at the beginning of the new year.  JYP Entertainment, the agency of GOT7 (debuted in 2014), said “JYP held an important meeting with the members before the exclusive contract expired on January 19, but GOT7 decided not to renew the contract “.

GOT7 is quite popular, the group consists of a diverse group of members from Korea, the US, Taiwan, and Thailand.  The group’s album sales are also extremely impressive, up to 500,000 copies.  However, the unsuccessful renewal of the contract proves that the relationship between the company and its members is not really good.  This also means that the group cannot overcome the “extremely” sacred “7-year” curse among Korean idols. It is known that 7 years is the maximum number of years in the standard contract of idol groups.

And it is worth mentioning, the “season” of re-signing is also approaching.  Many prominent names such as Red Velvet, Winner, Mamamoo, and Lovelyz – all debuted in 2014. Although there is no remarkable news, if they do not reach an agreement with their management companies, other groups may come to an end like GOT7.

Of course, even if only a few members do not renew their contract and leave, the group can still be maintained.  However, looking back at previous cases, it is difficult to find out which group was still active and reached its old peak after members joined other companies.  The reason for the failure of the two sides to reach an agreement is probably due to the issues of profit sharing or scheduling.  If the members are no longer together, it will make the group’s image no longer beautiful and cause internal confusion in the fandom, causing fans to leave.

# Will the traditional concert continue to be held?

The common concern of K-pop fans is whether traditional concerts will continue to be held.  BTS’s achievement and the “7 years” curse is the story of each company.  But performing offline is different.  An industry insider said: “If the performance market doesn’t reopen, the Kpop industry will die.”

will BTS win the Grammy
Red velvet

Some people will wonder if they can’t hold a normal concert, they can still do it online.  That’s not wrong, but it’s just that you don’t know the truth behind it.  After BTS’s first online concert, SM Entertainment is considering a long-term development in the Covid-19 era by investing in a professional system exclusively for online concerts. In fact, an online concert can attract about 1 million fans at the same time, from all over the world.  But if compared with the offline concert, the profit is much less.

Regular concert tickets in Korea are at least 100,000 won.  In addition, only those with tickets can enter so the group can travel around the world performing with just a limited number of performances.

However, online performances are different.  The ticket price is only about 30,000 won and one person only needs to buy a ticket, link the account to a computer or TV, and invite 10 or 100 people to watch.  It is estimated that the profit is less than half of the profit earned while traveling abroad.  Furthermore, the artists must also prepare new performances for each online concert.  And there is also no revenue from selling albums and goods at the concert area

# Descendants of BTS and Black Pink will appear?

From a few years ago, one of the most exciting topics in the Kpop fan community was “After BTS, which group can achieve such success”.  With the great success of both BTS and Black Pink in the past year, the two groups have now become “idols” in the eyes of other young idols, their achievement is the target of other junior groups.  So far, no group has the ability to hold the positions of BTS and Black Pink but there are still very promising rookie groups.

Among boy groups, Enhypen, the rookie from Big Hit, is the most outstanding.  Although the audience’s assessment of the group’s efforts in Mnet’s I-LAND has declined, Enhypen has steadily built up a strong fanbase overseas.  The group is also commented to have the ability to surpass Tomorrow by Together that Big Hit has released earlier. Treasure, YG Entertainment’s new weapon, is also incredibly impressive.  Treasure is highly anticipated by the audience because they are juniors of BIGBANG, WINNER, and iKON, and trained at YG.  The group quickly made a good impression on the Japanese market (the biggest market of the Korean wave) thanks to the appearance of Japanese members.

As for girl groups, the competition for the top position is still fierce.  JYP is also full of expectations with ITZY.  After leaving a strong impression with their debut song Dalla Dalla, ITZY is gradually asserting its position. SM Entertainment is trying to fill the void left by Red Velvet (temporarily) with Aespa.  Aespa’s most remarkable achievement is achieving the fastest 100 million views in history with the debut song, Black Mamba. The other two very bright candidates are Oh My Girl, which is very hot in 2020, and Mamamoo, which attracts attention thanks to the group’s activities and especially individual activities.

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