SM and YG should learn from Pledis: SEVENTEEN’s lightstick is so gorgeous and not “tough” at all!

SEVENTEEN’s lightstick, which is called Caratbong, amazes many fans with its diamond shape and glittery rose quartz and serenity color.

The topics about lightsticks has always attracted a lot of attention from Kpop fandoms. Lately, the design of SEVENTEEN’s lightstick has become a hot topic on Kpop forums.

Caratbong is causing a fever thanks to its splendid design

Instead of provoking tons of controversies like the two “hammers” of BlackPink and NCT did, SEVENTEEN’s lightstick is praised as the “visual” of Kpop lightsticks because it appeals to many fangirls with its exquisiteness. Caratbong seems to be the best goodie item from Pledis Entertainment so far. The lovely rose quartz & serenity color and the gorgeous diamond inside are “irresistible” to fangirls, making them want to open-their-wallets for this item.

Fans even cleverly combine this diamond with blossom flowers. Moreover, Pledis also provides SEVENTEEN’s fans with 3 different diamonds, which can take turns to be assembled into the lightstick or can be used as key fobs.

The diamond trio for the lightsick

Even though this lightstick is extremely stunning, its price is only about the price of other lightsticks. Unfortunately, this lightstick had been completely sold out and it’s likely that Pledis won’t re-produce this item.

Caratbong was sold out after its release

These photos give many people the feelings of jealousy towards SEVENTEEN’s fans. Since large companies such as SM and YG have the tendency to favor the “tough” designs of lightsticks, the exquisiteness and elegance of caratbong make fans and even non-fans want to own this item. Caratbong is used not only for supporting SEVENTEEN’s performances but also for many “artwork” photos, which are often uploaded on social media.

Expression of BlackPink and NCT’s fans when seeing the lightstick of “the neighbor fandom”

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