3 Most Paradoxical Cases in K-Pop: Idols Who Were More Talented Before Debut

Despite being able to draw much attention before their debut, these idols have disappointed the viewers, seeing as what they have performed so far does not show a significant improvement comparing to their rookie era.

The majority of idols begin their music career at a very young age. Hence, their growing process in the route to become an idol is followed everyday by viewers. Not only will they notice the changes in their appearance but also the improvement in their singing and dancing skills comparing to the idols’ debut days.

Many idols have astounded the viewers with their positive transformations during their career. On the other hand, some idols have failed the viewers’ expectations by not progressing at all or even falling behind what they have shown before.

Momo (TWICE)

Momo is known for her beautiful looks and high-rated choreography skills. However, being an idol requires more than having perfect dance moves, and Momo is said to have notable shortfall with her vocal skills. Apart from Momo, her group TWICE occasionally receives criticism in terms of vocals, but she seems to cause more controversy after raising her voice to sing. Netizens called her “tone-deaf” because of her awful singing skills.

Still, when fans looked back at the videos during her participation in a survival program called “SIXTEEN”, they found Momo’s voice to be not as bad as it is now. The reason why Momo’s voice is getting worse and worse remains a question to many viewers. They claimed that while performing in “SIXTEEN”, Momo’s vocal skills were not that bad at all.

Yoon Ji Sung (WANNA ONE)

Yoon Ji Sung’s talent has always been a controversial topic for netizens. The K-netizens constantly accuse him of messing up WANNA ONE’s team organization because he usually performs without giving much effort and dances incorrectly while other members are doing their best with an intense amount of seriousness for a flawless stage.

Wanna one, jisung

Many people criticize that Ji Sung has had no talent at all since the beginning. After WANNA ONE’s debut, he didn’t show any progress either as he kept performing poorly on stage. Another member, Kim Jae Hwan, was praised positively thanks to his outstanding growth, but the leader of WANNA ONE had to receive negative feedback due to him showing zero improvement at all even after a year.

Wanna one, jisung

Obviously, in order to debut in WANNA ONE, Ji Sung had to work very hard during PRODUCE 101. He also impressed the panels throughout the missions, being the trainee with the most stabilized vocals in his team while performing “Downpour”. His choreography wasn’t excellent but never off-beat. Therefore, many viewers think that perhaps due to WANNA ONE’s busy schedule, Ji Sung’s health has been affected, resulting in his inability to catch up with the group’s progress.


Although debuting in an underrated girl group, Nancy is capable of drawing the media’s attention thanks to her lovely appearance. Unlike her beautiful face, Nancy’s vocals keep getting criticism. She was even called the “black hole” of her group in terms of singing.

This year, in June, Nancy appeared in a girl group collaboration to perform and cheer for the Korean Football team in the 2018 World Cup. While other members showed off their well-trained vocal skills, she was accused of ruining the song because her voice was too squeaky. It is true that Nancy’s beauty is outstanding, but she has been criticized for having weak vocal skills many times before.

However, people who have seen “Finding Momoland” surely have listened to “Part Of The World” sung by Nancy. Back then, Nancy’s voice received lots of positive feedback thanks to the sweetness and the ability to touch listeners’ hearts that her voice had, unlike the high-pitched and squeaky voice she has these days.

These idols may have the looks, which is one of the crucial factors that an idol must have, but it seems that their talent is yet to be fulfilled when there is no improvement throughout their career so far. Should they practice and work harder so as to make progress like the netizens suggested?

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